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Sullivan Island

The Battle of Sullivan's Island

Why were the British unhappy with the leaders of South Carolina? The leaders of South Carolina had written a state constitution.
Who were the Redcoats? British soldiers
What did they call the soldiers who were against British rule? Patriots or Rebels
How were the Patriots and Loyalists alike? They were both colonists.
How were the Patriots and Loyalists unlike? The Patriots were against British rule. The Loyalists supported British rule.
Why was the palmetto tree chosen as a symbol for the South Carolina flag? The palmetto trees saved the fort.
What was placed into the soft sand to make walls for the fort? palmetto trees
Who was the commander for the Patriots? William Moultrie
Why was the fort later re-named Fort Moultrie? Bravery. His men had never fought before, but they believed in what they were fighting for.
What important part was missing from the Fort Moultrie building structure? back wall
How did the palmetto trees save the fort? Cannonballs landed in sand. Cannonballs bounced off the palmetto walls. Cannonballs got stuck in the spongy walls of the palmetto wood.
Who retrieved the flag when it was knocked down during battle? William Jasper
What did the Patriots do as they awaited the arrival of more ammunition? They ate lunch.
Why did the British think that the Patriots had given up on the battle? The Patriots were not firing their weapons. They were eating lunch in the safety of the fort.
What happened when the Patriots' ammunition was delivered? The Patriots opened fire on the British ships, and sent them sailing away in badly damaged ships.
Why was the Battle of Sullivan's Island seen as a major victory for the Patriots? This victory showed the Patriots that even though they had fewer men than the British army and had fewer supplies, they could still defeat the British.
Created by: kmcgregor4