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ANTEBELLUM The period before the Civil War; Latin for "before war"
FRANCHISE the right to vote
UNIVERSAL MANHOOD SUFFRAGE the granting of voting privilegeds to all free white men who had reached the age of 21.
HEAD AND MASTER STATUTES laws under which, whe a woman married, her
HOLDING the number of slaves who lived and worked for a single master.
COFFLE a large group of slaves who were marched overland from the upper South to the deep South with men chained together and the woman and children unchained but closely supervised.
VERANDA a long open porch usually with a roof which was an important feature of a Plantation home.
OVERSEER white man who acted as manager of the slaves and farming operations of a Plantation
SLAVE QUARTERS the area where slaves lived on a Plantation where they gathered to cook, talk, sing, dance, mourn, and shared their lives with one another.
IMMIGRANT one who moves into a new country in order to settle there.
FACTION a small group with common goals within a larger group.
COMPROMISE a way to settle disagreements in which each side gives way a little on its demands.
SUFFRAGE the right to vote,
DEPRESSION a severe, continued downturn in the economy where sakes and prices drop, manufacturing decreases, business close, banks fail, and people lose their jobs,
REPRESSION the act of restraining someone by force,
FACTOR a commercial agent who orovides financial and business assistance to clients.
CANAL a man made water wave that connects other bodies of water such as LA's rivers and bodies.
INTERNAL IMPROVEMENTS roads, bridges, canals, and other transportation needs.
MANIFEST DESTINY the belief by Americans that they were destined to spread out across the continent.
TUTOR a private teacher.
PICAYUNE a corn worth 6-and-a-half cents.
VACHERIE Acadian cowboys who own cattle ranches,
CIRCUIT RIDERS Ministers who came to preach and establish churches
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