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Industrial Revolution

4 Factors that led to the Growth of Industry? 1. Access to Raw Materials and Energy 2. Availability of Work Force due to Immigration 3. Inventions 4. Financial Resources
What method of production was used in factories to lower the cost of production? Assembly Line
4 Reasons for the Rise and Prosperity of Big Business? 1. National Markets created by Railroads 2. Captains of Industry 3. Advertising 4. Lower-cost Production - Assembly Line
How did the Assembly Line change manufacturing? 1. Increased the Rate of Production - more goods produced in less time 2. Decreased the Cost of Goods
Which Captain of Industry controlled railroads and built Grand Central Station in New York City? Vanderbilt
Which Captain of Industry controlled the Steel Industry and donated money to build libraries across America? Carnegie
Which Captain of Industry was taken to court for having a monopoly over the Oil Industry? Rockefeller
Which Captain of Industry was a powerful banker who invested in Edison's General Electric and eventually bought Carnegie Steel Co. ? J.P. Morgan
Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell
Who invented the electric lighting system? Thomas Edison
What increased farm production and decreased the need for human labor? Mechanization
How did industrial development in cities change the demand for labor? INCREASED the demand for labor
What is one way industrialization and railroads provided new access to consumer goods? Mail Order - Sears Roebuck Company
The period of U.S. History from 1870 - 1900 is known as the _______________ Age because wealth was not equally distributed and there were no government regulations of business. Gilded Age
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