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American Society

Chapter 18: American Society in the Industrial Age

Nativism A fear or hatred of immigrations, ethnic minorities, or alien political movements.
New Immigration References to the influx of immigrants to the Untied States during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century predominantly from southern and eastern Europe.
Settlement houses What were community centers called that were located in poor districts that provided guidance and services to all who would use them?
Social Gospel A doctrine preached by many urban Protestant ministers during the early 1900s that focused on improving living conditions rather than saving souls.
Tenement Four- to -six- story residential apartment house. Common in New York.
Working Class: Family life, Attitudes $400-$500 a year, varied depending on employment. "Wide spectrum of opinion."
Women Supplied a significant part of the industrial working force. Made up majority of salespersons and cashiers. They were considered more polite and easier to control.
New Immigration/ Old Immigration increased need for labor.
Expanding/ Modernizing Cities Facilities of Urban living were improved. The invention of the light bulb by Thomas Edison. Transportation also underwent enormous changes.
Civilization and Its Discontents Nineteenth century died. The gap between rich and poor appeared to be widening while the slum spread its poison and the materially successful made a god to their success.
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