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New Deal Reforms

Acts and Organizations by FDR

Purpose of the New Deal to combat the Depression
Brain Trust the name given to the team who would help FDR create the New Deal; consisted of both Republicans and Democrats
Fireside Chats radio speeches delivered to American people by FDR on a variety of topics
First New Deal 15 bills proposed by Roosevelt and passed by congress during his first hundred days
Goals of First New Deal relief, reform, recovery
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insured bank deposits up to $5,000; helped restore confidence in the economy
Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) sought to end overproduction and raise crop prices (government paid farmers to not plant crops and to kill off extra livestock)
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) built a series of dams in the Tennessee River Valley to control floods and generate electric power. Also replanted forests, built fertilizer plants, and created jobs
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) provided jobs for young men planting forests, fighting fires, building trails, and digging irrigation ditches
National Recovery Administration (NRA) worked with business and labor leaders to establish codes of fair competition to govern whole industries (these codes would increase worker's wages and raise prices so companies could profit)
Public Works Administration (PWA) built bridges, dams, power plants, and government buildings and created millions of new jobs
Second New Deal designed for Federal government to "promote the general welfare" and intervene to protect citizens' rights
2nd New Deal addressed problems such as... the elderly, the poor, the unemployed, farmers, and workers' rights
Works Progress Administration (WPA) created by congress in the spring of 1935 to provide jobs for those who needed them and improve the nation's infrastructure; also created to provide as many as 10 million jobs for men, women, and youths in building projects
Social Security Act (1935) provided a pension system for retirees as well as unemployment insurance for those who had lost their jobs; also created insurance for workers who were victims of on-the-job accidents and gave aid to mothers, children, and disabled (most popular of new de
Rural Electrification Administration (REA) brought electricity into isolated rural areas, by 1950 about 80% of farms had electricity
National Labor Relations Act (Wagner's Act) outlawed unfair labor practices; granted workers the right to organize unions and to bargain collectively
Fair Labor Standards Act (1938) banned child labor, established a minimum hourly wage, and set the work week at 44 hours
National Youth Administration (NYA) trained and provided jobs and counseling for unemployed youth between the ages of 16 and 25
Court Packing adding justices to the Supreme Court who would more likely rule in favor of FDR's New Deal policies
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