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Chapter 17 and 18

What is the American Federation of Labor (AFL)? a combination of national craft unions established in 1886.
What did the Interstate Commerce Act do? It stated charges made by railroads "shall be reasonable and just". Many competitive practices were declared unlawful.
Who were the Knights of Labor? A group of Philadelphian garment workers. They rejected the idea that workers must resign themselves to remaining wage earners.
What does laissez-faire mean? Things regulate themselves
Why was the National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry created? It was created to provide social and cultural benefits for isolated rural communities.
When was the Sherman Antitrust Act passed? 1890
What Darwinian principle was social Darwinism based on? The Fittest Survive
How did the New Immigration affect Europe? Cheap wheat from Russia , the United States, and other parts of the world led to disaster to the farmers of Europe and eventually the collapse of the peasant economy. This led many others wanting to have a new start in America.
Who was known as a 'middle-class' president? Abraham Lincoln
How was Nativism taken in the 1880s? Many workers were alarmed of the radicalism of the immigrants.Many were called Anarchists and Communists.
What was the largest Nativism organization? The American Protective Association.
In the 1890s, what did the Immigration Restriction League want immigrants to take upon coming to America? Who vetoed this test being used? A literacy test. President Cleveland.
The population of Chicago was equal to what other population in 1880? Its foreign-born population.
What magazine sponsored the contest by the Metropolitan Health Board to regulate city housing? Who won the contest? Plumber and Sanitary Engineer. James E. Ware.
Who installed the first electric trolley and where was it installed? Frank J. Sprague. Richmond, Virginia.
What type of recreational facilities number's tripled in America from 1865 to 1885? Breweries
What did Social Gospel focus on? Improving living conditions for people. They believed that you must have enough to eat, a decent home, and development opportunities.
How did many of the settlement house employees expect to benefit from helping the immigrants? By morally and intellectually benefiting from experiencing a way of life far different from theirs, obtaining first-hand knowledge.
Who were 3 important settlement house organizers? Jane Addams, Robert Woods, and Lillian Wald
What was formed first: the National Baseball League or the first All-American football team? The National Baseball League
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