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Industrial (17,18)

Strong belief in non interference of government Laissez-faire
What is social Darwinism? The belief of the Darwinian principle that the fittest will survive if they have no restrictions.
What ways did big change come from after the railroads? Iron, steel, oil, coal, and electricity.
All charges made by railroads shall be reasonable and just. Rebates, drawbacks, long and short haul, and other competitive practices were to be declared unlawful, as well as their monopolistic counterparts. What Act states this? Interstate Commerce Act (1887)
What was the Sherman Antitrust Act? Any combination in the form of trust or otherwise in restraint of trade or commerce among the several states, or foreign nations was declared illegal. People forming such combinations were fined $5,000 and a year in jail.
What weakened the Sherman Antitrust Act? The case of United States vs. E.C. Knight
What year was the American Federation of Labor (AFL) founded? 1886
What kind of ideas did the Knights of Labor support? The welcoming of blacks, women, and immigrants. Skilled, as well as unskilled workers were welcomed. The demand of eight-hour days. Higher pay. Ideas not modern than the time period.
What reformer argued that , "Concentration of power in corporations inevitably led to monopoly; the government must step in to prevent corporations from becoming behemoths." ? Henry Demarest Lloyd, Author, "Wealth Against Commonwelath" 1894
Why did contemporaries believe they were living through a "Great Depression"? There was a downward trend in prices after 1873 due to rapid increase in the goods being produced that affected agricultural and manufacturers goods.
When was unemployment invented? The late nineteenth-century.
Other than moving westward, where did census' say people moved in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries? Urban areas.
What stimulated immigration? Industrial expansion.
What types of houses did impoverished immigrant families live in? Tiny windowless rooms in crowded tenement distracts with poor illumination.
In what year did the first practical electric trolley get installed? And whose idea was it? Where was it? 1887-1888, Frank J. Sprague, Richmond Virginia
What was an important development for the postwar era to occupy people's time? Spectator sports.
What is Social Gospel? A focus on improving living conditions rather than on saving souls.
What is a settlement house? Community centers located in poor districts that provided guidance and service to all who would use them.
What reformer persuaded people that they were obliged as Christians to improve conditions of the slums? Whasington Gladden, a Congresionalist minister
Why did Cleveland veto Congress's literacy bill? Cleveland said it was unjustified because immigrants could adapt the ability to read and write.
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