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History 109

Chapters 17 and 18

What did the "bureaus of immigration" offer? Reduced rates to travelers interested in buying farms.
What process did Henry Bessemer and William Kelly perfect? The Bessemer process.
What were two new important industries? The telephone and Electric light business.
When was the telephone invented? 1876
What was Edison's most significant achievements? The incandescent lamp and electric light bulb.
How did Carnegie sale railroads? By paying commissions to railroad purchasing agents.
By what year did Carnegie Steel Company dominate the industry? 1890
Who controlled 90 percent of the nations oil refining capacity by 1879? John D. Rockfeller
By 1892 how much was john d. Rockefeller worth? $800 million
What is laissez-faire? believing strongly in a government policy of noninterference
What is the Foran Act of 1885? It outlaws the private agencies serving as a link between the new arrivals and employers looking for labor.
What theory said that consumers derived little real pleasure from their big homes and gaudy purchases. That they were simply showing off their wealth and were never really satisfied?WH Theory of the Leisure Class.
What is a tenement? A set of rooms forming a separate residence within a house/ block of apartments.
What is New Immigration? Immigrants who came from southern and eastern Europe.
What is Nativism? Policy of protecting interest of native born or established inhabitants against immigrants.
What existed primarily to resist "the Catholic menace." American Protective Association.
What is a "lung block?" A corner where there is a prevalence of tuberculosis among its inhabitants.
Who installed the first practical electric trolley line in Richmond, Virginia? Frank J. Sprague
What was Social Gospel focused on? Improving living conditions rather than saving souls.
What are community centers located in poor districts that provided guidance and services to all who would use them called? Settlement houses.
Created by: Taylor.T.
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