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Industrial Age

Chapter 17 and 18

Why did American manufacturing flourish? New Natural Resources
What was a cause of the growth of steel production? The supplies of iron ore and coal available in the United States.
Who played a major role in steel manufacturing? Andrew Carnegie/Carnegie Steel Company
What is the government policy of laissez-faire mean? The government does not interfere in the affaires of the economy or society.
Why was the National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry founded? to benefit rural communities both socially and culturally
What did the Interstate Commerce Act state? Railroad rates can be regulated by the federal government, "reasonable and just" railroad rates
What did the Sherman Antitrust Act restrict? companies controlling interstate commerce
What was the Knights of Labor organization? a labor union, founded in 1869 by garment workers
What was the American Federation of Labor? a labor union similar to the Knights of Labor, established in 1886 by craft unions
What weakened the Sherman Antitrust Act in 1895? Supreme Court Decision United States vs. E.C. Knight
What were some of the problems caused by industrialization? being able to support themselves on earnings, competition with machinery, danger and work pace increased
How many foreign immigrants moved to the United States between 1866 and 1915? about 25 million
What did the Foran Act of 1885 outlaw? The practice of bringing in skilled workers in a form similar to indentured servitude.
What did new immigration cause to flare up that had faded during the Civil War? Nativism: policy of protecting established citizens interest from immigrants interest
What is a tenement? an apartment house commonly in the poorer section of a large city that was often overcrowded
Where was the first trolley car line in the United States installed? Richmond, Virginia
What did the Social Gospel that many Protestant ministers began preaching focus on? improvement of living conditions: decent homes, enough food, opportunities for talent development
What were settlement houses? Located in poor sections these were community centers were residence could receive guidance and services.
Who did the Exclusion Act ban from immigrating to the United States? Chinese Immigrants
What happened to a literacy test bill in 1897 that was meant to keep Southeastern European immigrants from coming to the United States? It passed both houses of Congress, but was vetoed by President Cleveland.
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