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Chap 17/18

What was the combination of national craft unions established in 1886? American Federation of Labor (AFL)
What is the belief that the activities of people were governed by the principle that the "fittest" will survive? Social Darwinism
What act stated that that all charges made by railroads must be reasonable and just? Interstate Commerce Act
What act declared any combination of trust in restraint of trade illegal? Sherman Antitrust Act
What labor organization formed in 1869 to secure and maintain the rights of workingmen? Knights of Labor
What act allowed the federal government to regulate railroad rates and practices? Interstate Commerce Act
What is a policy of letting things take care of themselves? Laissez-faire
What fraternal organization was formed that encouraged families to band together to promote the well being of the community? The National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry
Which decision allowed state legislatures to regulate economic enterprises? Munn v. Illinois
Which decision decided that only federal government could regulate railroad rates and practices? Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Railroad v. Illiois
What is the theory that mental structures are innate rather than acquired or learned? Nativism
What is a room or set of rooms forming a separate residence within a house or block of apartments? Tenement
What is the term for Christian faith practiced as a call not just to personal conversion but to social reform? Social Gospel
What is an institution in an inner-city area providing social services to the community? Settlement House
What educator laws that supported public education? Horace Mann
What photojournalists increased public awareness of poor immigrants living conditions? Jacob Riis, Lewis Hine
Who called Americans the "most materialistic and money-making people ever known"? Walt Whitman
Who encouraged people to consult the Bible for moral guidance and refrain from vice? Dwight L. Moody
Who persuaded Christians that they are obliged to improve living conditions in the slums? Washington Gladden
Who organized clubs to get young people of the South End off the streets in Boston? Robert A.Woods
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