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Industrial Age

Flash Cards over the Industrial Beginnings in America

How much did the value of American manufactured products increase from 1859 to 1899? $1.8 billion to over $13 billion
Great grandson of John Adams and grandson of John Quincy Adams Charles Francis Adams Jr.
What happened to the national market as a result of the country growing? It expanded.
Most significant element in American economic development. Railroads
How many miles of track was laid down by 1900? 193,000 miles
Which had higher debt: The Railroad Industry or the US National Debt? The Railroad Industry had a higher debt.
Which industry expanded more than even Iron and Steel? Petroleum
What was Thomas Edison's most significant achievement? Electric Lightbulb
What cut into Railroad profits? Competition
Kingpin of the Steel Industry Andrew Carnegie
What sapped the reforming energy out of the middle-class. The Civil War
Mechanization undermined the artisans' pride and... Their bargaining power with their employers,
Textile Mills used a large percent of these workers Women
Educated, middle class women often became Nurses
Industrial expansion increased the need for labor, this stimulated... Immigration
Italian Immigrants were often harder to assimilate into American communities and called people outside of their family this Foreigners
What two reasons were the driving forces behind metropolises like New York? Transportation and Industrialzation
What helped to urbanize cities? Street Lamps, Pavement, and Transportation
What were the community centers that provided for the poor? Settlement Houses
Focused on improving living conditions rather than on saving souls Social Gossip
Created by: xxAdrik33xx