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Industrial Age

American Destiny Chapters 17 & 18

What helped American manufacturing to flourish after the Civil War? Discovery of new natural resources and the rapid, energetic growth of the country
What was the most significant element in 1866 in American economic development? Railroads
What present day system was created by the railroads? Time Zones
Iron was used to produce what great metal? Steel
What is the French term laissez-faire referring to? The absence of government interference in business
The National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry eventually led to what? Railroad Regulations
The Sherman Antitrust Act outlawed what? Monopolistic organizations that functioned to restore trade
What was the chief weapon of the American Federation of Labor? Strikes
Where were 300 private guards attacked in a struggle between capital and labor in the steel industry? Andrew Carnegie's Homestead steel plant near Pittsburgh
Who created the Standard Oil Company of Cleveland? John D. Rockefeller
After the war middle-class American energy was focused on what? Building institutions
What kind of problems did industrialization cause workers? Machines began taking over jobs
Women found new jobs in fields such as... Nursing, teaching, secretaries, and salespersons
The English liner Great Eastern was the cause of what? A new era in transatlantic travel
Nativism means a fear or hatred of... immigrants, ethnic minorities, or alien political movements
What changed the character of big-city life? Streetcars
What three major team games developed during the last quarter of the century? Baseball, Football, and Basketball
What were settlement houses? Community centers that sought to Americanize immigrant families and provide them with social services and a political voice
What were social gospels focused on? Improving living conditions rather than saving souls
What did the Foran Act of 1885 outlaw? Bringing in skilled workers (immigrants) under labor contracts
Created by: twin_renee