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Chapter 17 and 18

Industrial Age

What is Social Darwinism? Activities of people were governed by the Darwinian principle " the fittest" will always "survive."
What does ICC stand for? Interstate Commerce Act
What is the Interstate Commerce Act? All charges made by railroads "shall be reasonable and just."
Who were the Knight's of Labor? An organization founded by a group of garment workers.
What year were the Knights of Labor founded? 1869
Who took the Knights of Labor's place? American Federation of Labor
The Knights of Labor's supported political objectives that had no direct connection with what? Working Conditions
Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell
The Standard Oil Company was founded by who? John D. Rockefeller
Why was the "National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry" created? To provide social and cultural benefits for isolated rural communities.
What word was a late nineteenth-century invention? Unemployment
Middle class women replaced men in what jobs? Teachers, clerks, secretaries, and operators of typewriters in government departments.
Who said this to an interviewer in Lawrence, Massachusetts, "If you will stand by the mill, and see the people coming out, you will be surprised to see the happy, contented look they all have." A female textile worker
________________ _______________ increased the need for labor and powerfully stimulated immigration. Industrial expansion
The American Protective Association was founded for what reason? To resist what its members called " the Catholic menace."
As late as 1900 about ______ of the residents of New York City's Lower East Side lacked indoor toilets. 75% or 3 quarters
What were settlement houses? Community centers located in poor districts that provided guidance and services.
The Social Gospel focused on what? Improving living conditions
What did Jane Addams, Robert Woods, and Lilian Wald all have in common? They were all Settlement house organizers.
Up to 1880 how many Southern and Eastern Europeans migrated to America? 200,000
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