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The Industrial Age

Chapters 17 and 18

American manufacturing flourished due to _______. The discovery of new natural resources.
Time zones were developed in 1883 by what? The railroads.
Who drilled the first successful well in Pennsylvania? Edwin L. Drake.
Deflation resulted from ________. Failure to keep the money supply up to pace with the rapid increase of manufactured goods.
Social Darwinism is? The belief that "the fittest" will survive if allowed to exercise their capacities without restriction.
Who was the well-known Reformer that wrote Progress and Poverty? Henry George
What as the National Grange of the Partons of Husbandry? A regulation created to provide social and cultural benefits for rural towns.
What was the Interstate Commerce Act? An act that stated that the charges by railroads had to be "reasonable and just."
What was a nativist? A person who believed that they were above the minorities.
What was the Sherman Antitrust Act? An act that stated that the federal government could disassemble economic enterprises if they are massive enough to create a monopoly.
Who were the new immigrants? Immigrants from southern and eastern Europe between 1880 and 1910.
What was a Social Gospel? Clergymen who preached about improving living conditions rather than saving souls.
What were settlement houses? Community centers that were located in poor districts that provided services and guidance.
Woman primarily worked in what kind of factories? Textile.
Which group was paid less in factories? Women.
The Haymarketing Bombing was _____. A group of foreign extremist that focused on the unjust charges of "anarchist and communists."
What happened to the Jewish and Italian immigrants of the 1890s? They rose from unskilled workers, to skilled workers.
How many immigrants entered the United States between 1866 and 1915? 25 million.
What was the Exclusion Act of 1882? An act that placed restrictions on immigrants.
George Whitefield and Charles Grandison were prominent in establishing which groups? The YMCA and the Salvation Army.
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