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American West

What was the lifestyle of the Plain Indians and how were the Buffalo and horse important to Lifestyle ? They use every part of the Buffalo for shelter food clothing and the horse
What impact did Custer last stand have the attitude towards Plain Indians ? Continue to kill the Plain Indians and to change their culture
What battle ended the conflict between the Plain Indians and the US Army ? Wounded Knee Massachusetts
What did the American government do to activate the American Indian and how successful what's this ? It movie The Plain Indians to reservations it was successful of trying to change every aspect of their culture
What enabled Americans to get land in the West ? Homestead Act
How did the following help the farmers of the Great Plains succeed ? Barbed wire Steel plow Grain drill Cornbine McCormick reaper Help keep cattle out of farms Breaks up the top dirt so that they are able to farm it is a machine that helps but seed and make this progress much faster Help farmer Harvest faster Helps farmer harvest faster
How did cattle in Texas get to dinner plates in the east ? Drive to the nearest Railroad
What invention helped to keep the meat moving across the country fresh ? Refrigerated railroad cars
What mineral resources were Discovery in the West ? Gold and silver
How did the railroads open up the West ? Move goods and people faster then the Wagon Trails
Why did Oliver Kelly organize the nation Grange in 1867 ? To help Farm family together for social activities this helps them to create the populist party
How did William Jennings Bryan Cross of gold speech help him to win the 1896 Democrat Party nomination ? He promised them cheap bio mentalism to help them with their depts.
When and why did the farmers Alliance movement create the populist party? They want to fight the Railroad companies and government
What was some of the things that the populist party wanted? Ownership's of Railroad to help on bank loans bio mentalism
What is bimetallism? Why did the populist party want this money system? Backing of silver and gold and so that they can print more money and pay off their debts
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