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The West (1865-1890)

History mid-term exams

How did people view the west before 1877? They saw it as a "treeless wasteland" and not worth selling
Five reasons people went west New technologies Homestead Act Possibility of wealth New beginnings for slaves Adventure!
The Homestead Act gave____acres away free as long as the person agreed to work on it for___years The Homestead Act gave 160 acres away free as long as the person agreed to work on it for 5 years
Transcontinental Railroad Helped people move west faster and safer than wagons did
Barbed wire Used for fences and to make house of sod
Sod houses Houses made out of sod(dried dirt held together by roots) in replace of wood for the houses
Steel plows Used to break up hard dirt for farming
Windmills used to dig deep wells for water
Dry Farming Farmers would plant seeds deep to get at the moist soil underneath
Long Drives Cowherds took the cattle up north to railroad towns which were long drives
Geronimo Famous for; attacking white settlers in the southeast
Sitting Bull Led victory over US army at Little Big Horn
Chief Joseph Tried to lead his people (Nez Perce) to freedom in Canada
When the US government wanted to take Indian land, they forced Native Americans onto____ Reservations
Native Americans were not allowed to become citizens until_____ 1924
Which act tried to make Indians adopt American culture Dawnes Act
True or False: The Dawes Act was successful because Native Americans wanted to give up their traditional way of life just to survive False
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