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VS 10 and Review

VS 10 and MORE!

How many branches does Virginia's government have? three
What branch makes sure that laws are carried out? executive
What branch makes sure that laws agree with our constitution? judicial
What branch proposes new laws? legislative
When Harry F Byrd had this position, he was the leader of the executive branch. governor
Harry F Byrd was the leader of the Massive Resistance Movement. He did not want schools to do this. integrate
He was a famous author and speaker for civil rights. Ashe
What region is known for its seafood and shipbuilding industries? Coastal Plain
What natural barrier is between the Coastal Plain and the Piedmont? Fall Line
What war was fought between the colonists and the British? Revolution
What war was fought over states rights and slavery? Civil
Who were representatives in Virginia's first representative government? burgesses
Who was the person that said "If you do not work, you do not eat"? John Smith
What is the capital of Virginia? Richmond
What is the capital of the USA? Washington DC
The delegates and senators make up this law making body in Virginia. General Assembly
She was the first woman African American bank president. Maggie Walker
He was the leader of confederate troops in the Civil War. Robert E Lee
Keeping people separated by the color of their skin is called this. segregation
What Virginia Indian tribe spoke the Siouan language? Monacan
What Virginia Indian tribe spoke the Iroquoian language? Cherokee
George Mason wrote a Declaration that protected these things for Virginians. rights
What product was sold in England and made the colony profitable? tobacco
If you do not have money to buy something now, you could pay for it later when your crop comes in. This is called buying on __________ . credit
What is a synonym for trade? barter
Where did the Civil War end? Appomattox
Where did the last major battle of the Revolutionary War take place? Yorktown
How do we know that Native Americans lived all over our state? artifacts
What laws promoted segregation? Jim Crow
He wrote the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom. Thomas Jefferson
What type of transportation made small towns grow into cities? railroads
What group of people settled in the Shenandoah Valley? Germans
She helped the colony become more stable by promoting trade with the colonists. Pocahantas
What fossil fuel was discovered in Tazewell County? coal
Harry F Byrd was resposible for not going into debt with highway repairs. What type of system did we call this? pay as you go
What do we call ending segregation? desegregation
The separation of people, usually based on race or religion Segregation
Full equality of all races in the use of public facilities Integration
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1954 that “separate but _______” public schools were unconstitutional. equal
After Brown vs. The Board of Education, Virginia’s government established a policy of _________ Resistance, which fought to “resist” the integration of public schools. Massive
He was a lawyer and civil rights leader who worked for equal rights of African Americans. He played a key role in the Brown v. Board of Education decision. Oliver Hill
The judicial branch decides cases about people accused of breaking the law and whether or not a law agrees with Virginia’s _____________. constitution
He was the first African American to be elected a state governor in the United States. Doug Wilder
When Linwood Holton, Jr. was governor of Virginia, he promoted racial equality and appointed more African Americans and women to positions in Virginia's state government than previous governors. Linwood Holton
Created by: mrstompkins