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1st Semester-Hopper

1st Semester (5 / 6)

il y a There is
je veux i want
Il dit He says
Pourquoi Why
un chat a cat
le poulet chicken
court runs
beaucoup d'argent a lot of money
ferme closed
marche walks
ouvert open
Il veut He wants
Nage swims
garcon boy
fille girl
une vache cow
un singe monkey
un canard en plastique a rubber ducky
vole flies
une poubelle a trashcan
Je m'appelle My name is
Il s'appelle His name is
Elle s'appelle her name is
gratte scratches
saute jumps
un homme a man
grand big
petit small
content happy
fache angry
triste sad
ici here
s'assied sits
dans in
un banc a bench
un parc a park
Va-t-en go away
tombe falls
un magasin a store
jouets toys
16 age to drive in France
savate French martial art
baguette bread, means stick
Saint Nicolas puts gifts in kids' shoes
Size of France 15 times smaller than the U.S.
Arc de Triomphe landmark in Paris
Camel's Hump's original name in French crouching lion
The Statue of Liberty gift from France
Paris the capital in France
Created by: faystonfrench