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Unit 4 Exam Review

What are the six social institutions that satisfy the basic needs in society? Family, Education, Religion, Media, Political Institutions, Economic Institutions
Define family. A group of people who are related by blood, marriage or adoption and live together and share resources
Why is family the most universal institution? Every society organizes it members into families.
What is the most common type of family system in the United States? Nuclear family
What are the two types of nuclear families? Family of orientation, family of procreation
What are the four functions of the family? Regulation of sexual activity, reproduction, socialization and economic and emotional security
What is monogamy? One man married to one woman
What is the definition of a neolocal residential pattern? A couple lives in a new area, away from family
Who makse the decisions in an egalitarian family? Shared by both parents
What are four disruptions that affect the family unit? Family violence, separation and divorce, empty nest, and death of a spouse or loved one
Define education The roles and norms that ensure the transmission of knowledge, values, and patterns of behavior from one generation to the next
What is hidden curriculum? The transmission of cultural goals
What are three alternatives to public schools? Charter schools, school choice, and homeschooling
Define bilingual education Teaching students core subjects in both their native language as well as a second language
Which social institution does NOT involve face-to-face contact? Media
Why is the US an information society? Media use occurs on a daily basis
In religion, anything that is part of the supernatural world is considered to be: Sacred
What are the three functions of religion in society? Social cohesion, social control and emotional support
What are the four main types of religious organizations? Ecclesia, denomination, sect, and cult
What is legitimate power? Authority
What are the two major political parties in the US? Republican and Democrat parties
What are the two main economic models? Capitalism and Socialism
What type of capitalism is most popular in the US? Free enterprise system
Created by: Mrs. Wells
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