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SS: Africa

Unit Vocabulary

savanna area of grassland and scattered trees
river large stream of water that flows across the land
convert to change into a different form or transform, to cause to adopt a different religion or political view
Arabic numerals the numbers we use today that were culturally borrowed from Arabic traveling to Africa and Europe
King Lalibela King of Ethiopia who promoted Christianity and built many stone churches carved from solid rock (12th century)
Sahara a desert located in Northern Africa, prevented the Bantu migration from traveling north
Kalahari Desert a desert in south western Africa that prevented the Bantu from migrating further south.
Nile River the longest river in the world located in northern Africa. Aksum defeated the Kushites, who were settled in the Nile Valley and it became a trade route for the Aksumites.
Great Rift Valley located on the southeastern side of the Africa; guided the Bantu migration south
Indian Ocean an ocean to the east of the African continent; it was used as a major trade route for the early Africans and Asians.
Red Sea
Great Zimbabwe
Aksum (Axum) a civilization south of the Sahara that gained control of the Red Sea and traded many goods/ideas with other civilizations from Asia and Africa. Eventually formed the Kingdom of Ethiopia.
Ethiopia located in eastern Africa and was formed when Aksum lost control of its Red Sea ports
Mount Kilimanjaro an active volcano that impacted the Bantu migration; many Bantu settled at its base. The volcano is in present day Kenya
Zambezi River
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