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SC Colonists

This will help students review for a test on SC Colonists.

French Huguenots started the SC Society which helped the the poor and started schools
Germans moved to the Upcountry; helped the area become known as the "breadbasket" of the Carolinas
Scots Irish came in family groups; always built the church first and then the town around it
English from Barbados started sugar and rice plantations; helped Carolina be one of the richest colonies
Lord's Proprietors the king gave them land as a payment for debt
Fundamental Constitution a document that the Lord's Proprietors wrote
First Permanent Settlement of Carolina Charleston
Ireland and Barbados colonists stopped here for supplies
Lord's Proprietor who wrote the Fundamental Constitution with the help of a secretary Ashley Anthony Cooper
4 Laws of Fundamental Constitution freedom of religion, free land, a chance to move up in society, a voice in government
European Jews built a synagogue in Charleston
England first country to establish a permanent settlement in SC
Why was the Fundamental Constitution written? to encourage people to come here to settle
Carolina The name of the ship that made it successfully to the new colony
2 rivers named after Anthony Ashley Cooper Cooper and Ashley rivers near Charleston
sweetgrass baskets These are a major part of the Gullah culture. You can visit the low country and see them being made.
Gullah culture made from the blending of African traditions
Cherokee War This was a 4-year war that lasted between a Native American tribe and the Colonists. This war began because the English governor broke his promises to the Native American tribe.
Yemassee War War began because the Colonists kept settling on their land. The last straw was settling in the town of Beaufort. The tribe had enough and war began. The Catawba tribe helped the Yemassee tribe. The Cherokee helped colonists.
furs items that the colonists wanted from the Native Americans during trades
cash crops crops grown to be sold (indigo, cotton, sugar, rice)
Why did the Colonists decide they no longer wanted to be ruled by the Lords Proprietors? The Proprietors did not protect them.
backcountry as more and more settlers came, they settled here
types of slave rebellion Working slowly, running away, Stono Rebellion
Created by: scomisky