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Unit 3 Ancient Mesopotamia

1. Define Drought A long period of time with little to no rain which can cause food shortages. "To combat droughts in their new homeland between the rivers, Sumerians created an irrigation system of canals, levees and dams to keep their crops watered.
2. Define Famine A period of time with little to no food that can cause a great crash in population or death. "The ancient sumerians had to move out of the Zagros Foot Hills to find a better place to live since of food shortages."
3. Define Surplus A time when you have more than enough food. "After mastering irrigation and farming the Sumerians were able to build up a surplus of food."
4. Barter When city states had a surplus of an item to trade to another."Ur and Eridu could have traded food for wood because it was needed in their area."
5. City-State A city that had its own government and wall. It was not ruled by anyone outside of their walls. " Eridu was a city state because it had its own government and wall system."
6. Ziggurat A place of worship to the sumerians gods. "The ziggurat was thee important place in the city state because it was home to priests and thought to be the home of a god."
7. Cuneiform Was thought to be one of the first written languages. "It allowed ancient sumerians to barter and trade more easily with other sumerians."
8. Code of Hammurabi The Code of Hammurabi was thought to be one of the first complete sets of laws to be introduced to the first empire of Babylonia." All babylonians had to follow this set of rules.
9. Ten Commandments The Ten Commandments were thought to be a sign from God and told of base rules to center around a community. " Moses was said to be the one that got the Ten Commandments down from a mountain."
10. Judaism Judaism was one of the first monotheistic religions. "It circled around finding the promised land told to them by God."
11. Polytheism The belief that there are many gods."Early Sumerians took part in this type of religion and had many gods made after the elements of the Earth."
12. Monotheism The belief that there is only one god." Monotheism is one of the most practiced religions of are time."
13. Explain the Mesopotamian Social Structure First comes King//Priest//Rich Government Workers//Rich Merchants//Scribes//Merchants//Skilled Laborers//Farmers//Slaves In order
14. 4 W's Akkadians There leader was Sargon and he created powerful army movements that allowed him to rule during 1750 B.C.E
15. 4W's Babylonians There leader was Hammurabi and he made the first set of laws that controlled their people more easily. There capital was Babylon. They ruled 1750 B.C.E.
16. 3W's Assyrians The Assyrians had one of the most powerful equipment ever for there time such as siege towers and battering towers. They took over the whole of Mesopotamia. They ruled 650 B.C.E.
17. 4W's Neo Babylonians There Leader was Nebuchadnezzar II and they achieved restoring the Babylonian Empire lost reign and artifacts. There Capital was Akkad. They ruled Mesopotamia 2300 B.C.E.
18. Sargon Was the leader of the Akkadians he made the first ever Empire and will be one of the most remembered names in history.
20. Nebuchadnezzar II Was the leader of Neo - Babylonia and tried to restore pride to the Babylonian people and succeeded by restoring there ziggurats.
21. Abraham Was the holy figure that brought all the jewish people out of israel and to the promised land
22. Moses Moses was a holy figure that brought down the Ten Commandments from Mount Sinai.
23. Fertile Crescent Was the most fertile place to grow crops in Mesopotamia and was a power vacuum causing wars all over Mesopotamia.
24. Mesopotamia Mesopotamia was the area that all these events took place birthplace of great leaders Hammurabi/Nebuchadnezzar II/Sargon.
25. Sumer Sumer was the center of technology and culture in ancient mesopotamia. It was the land between the two Riv
26. Babylon Babylon was the only city state to be the name of an empire twice and it was the city state of Hammurabi and Nebuchadnezzar II two great leaders.
27. Canaan Is an area between Egypt and Mesopotamia.
28. Mount Sinai Mount Sinai was the Mountain that Moses got the Ten Commandments and is considered a Holy Site.
29. Jerusalem Jerusalem was considered a Holy Land in the Desert and was a point of conflict for a long time.
19. Hammurabi Hammurabi was the Main Leader/ King, of Babylonia Empire and it was the second empire of ancient Mesopotamia. He also made the first set of rule The Code of Hammurabi
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