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Age of Jackson

nullification Refuse to do or act on/ a state gov’t can make a federal law not apply to their state
sectionalism Regional division/ each has own goals and interests
migration To move
suffrage Right to vote
commerce Trading, most often through shipping
secede To leave the union
Democratic Party New political party in the presidential election of 1824 after a split in the DemoReps party.
Whig Party 1834/ political opponents of President Andrew Jackson organized a new party/ Henry Clay leader/ party lasted a short time
John Quincy Adams 6th President/ Federalist Party candidate election 1824/ historically famous parents
Andrew Jackson 7th Pres. / Demo Party candidate 1824/ president 1828/ favorite son of Tenn./ Old Hickory/ democracy for common man/ election represents shift of power from wealthy to the common people/ suffrage rights to all white males - not just property owners
American System Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun main supporters/ sense of economic nationalism (pride) /spend money on roads and canals - “infrastructure”/ enforced tariffs to protect U.S. factories/ establishment of 2nd National Bank because the 1st Bank had closed.
Henry Clay Warhawk/ Democratic Party candidate election 1824/ liked the “American System” / will to compromise with Calhoun with Tariff of 1833
Northern States Favored foreign tariffs because they increased the demand for manufactured goods from the factories
Southern States Opposed tariffs because they raised prices on their raw materials needing to be shipped out of the country
Nullification Crisis Southern states refused to pay the federal taxes on imports (Tariffs of 1828 and 1832)/ states found them to be unconstitutional/ Henry Clay proposed the Compromise Tariff of 1833/ Gov’t lowers tariffs/ constitutional principle of Federalism challenged
Worcester vs. Georgia 1832/ Cherokees plead case in court/ Supreme Court declares forcing Indians off land unconstitutional/ court ruled in favor of Worcester/ Jackson responded by enforcing the Indian Removal Act and sided with Georgia/ Jackson ignores Supreme Court
Indian Removal Act 1830/ Cherokees given 2 years to migrate to Ok / white settlers pressured fed. gov’t to acquire Indian Terr./president has power to negotiate treaties with tribes living east of the Miss./Congress passed act to avoid conflict with settlers and tribes
Trail of Tears 1836/ Cherokees forced to move to Oklahoma/ 4000 die from cold and hunger
Second National Bank Jackson against financial institution bc it favored wealthy/ too much power/ controversial bc Const. does not give power to Congress to create this inst./ Demo support Jackson bc he rejected it/ vetos charter (agreement) this leads to eco. depression
McCulloch vs. Maryland 1819/ Supreme Court rules the states have no right to tax the federal government
Gibbons vs. Ogden 1824/ Supreme Court rules the federal government can regulate interstate commerce (trade)
Missouri Compromise Slavery banned above the 36-30 line/ political balance/ Missouri enters as slave/ Maine enters as free state
Spoils System handing out of gov’t jobs to supporters/replacing gov’t employees with the winning candidate’s supporters.
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