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Unit 8 Civil War voc

compromise (REVIEW) when both sides give up something to reach an agreement
concession (REVIEW) something given up in a compromise
oppose to be against something or someone
nullify to declare invalid; to cancel
economy (REVIEW) a system of producing, distributing, and consuming goods; usually involves the way most people in a region make MONEY.
fugitive someone running away, usually from the law
abolish to do away with, get rid of, to end
abolitionist one who supported the end of slavery
secede to separate from; to break ties with
allegiance (REVIEW) loyalty
draft legal involuntary service in the military forces
unanimous in complete agreement
arms (REVIEW) weapons
enlist to join the military
blockade (REVIEW) to use ships to block entrance or exit from a port
Reconstruction the period of about 10 years after the Civil War focused on rebuilding the South
debt (REVIEW) something (usually money) owed to another
traitor (REVIEW) one who betrays the trust of another or a group
sharecropper one rents farmland and pays the rent with a portion of the crops
carpetbagger one from the North who moved to the South for business opportunities during Reconstruction
scalawag any Southerner during Reconstruction who supported Northern causes or freedmen
freedmen former slaves
agriculture the raising of cattle and /or crops; FARMING
free state An American state where there was no slavery allowed
slave state an American state in which slavery was legal
tariff a tax on imported goods
plantation LARGE farm
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