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French Revolution

who were the first estate the clergy, consisted of 1% of the population
who were the second estate the nobility
who were the third estate the peasants
where was Robespierre born in Arras, France
why was he given the name incorruptible because he was so honest and sincere
who influenced Robespierre Rousseau, a member of the age of Enlightenment who questioned the Ancien Regime
what did Robespierre study in Paris Law. He later became a judge but left because he couldn't sentence people to death
what was the name of the meeting that he attended as a representative of the Third Estate the estates general
what was Robespierre known for and was also the main belief of the Sans Culottes A person who wanted reform
what was the name of the group that Robespierre was part of that wanted radical reform in the french government the Jacobins (viewed as left wing)
who were the 2 people who along with Robespierre called for the execution of King Louis XVI Jean-Paul Marat and George Danton
what did the Jacobins, led by Robespierre seize control of The National Convention
what was Robespierre appointed the leader of the committee of public safety
while in this job what cause did Robespierre believe his actions had that he was creating a safer France
how much people did Robespierre arrest? over 500,000
how much people did he execute 40,000
what became the symbol of the 'Reign of Terror' the guillotine
Name two laws Robespierre introduced the law of maximum which was a maximum price on goods and the law of suspects which was anyone who was suspected of acting against the revolution was arrested and put on trial
in the end Robespierre and how much supporters became victims of the guillotine 100. the jacobins had felt he had gone too far and his death marked the end of the reign of terror
Created by: mcraig2020