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Chapter 14

The Formation of Western Europe Test

Who led the Spiritual revival? Monasteries
What were the three main issues of the church? Priest were marrying and having families, bishops sold positions in the church and kings were appointing bishops.
What is simony? Simony is a practice when a bishop sells position in the church.
What did Pope Urban II do when he read the letter? He called all Christians to fight a "holy war";Crusade.
What kind of reasons did the church have for the Crusades. They had Political,economic,social and religious reasons.
Where the effects/results of the Crusades? Return of trade ad learning, the power of the pope and church weakened, power of kings increased, Thousands of knight and other lost their lives, The fall of Constantinople weakened the empire.
What were guilds? They were a group of individual people in the same buissness.
Who was the most important philosopher of the Middle Ages? Thomas Aquinas
What was the commercial revolution? It was the expansion and trade of business.
What happened in the Second Agricultural Revolution? There was an increase in food which led into an increase in population.
What was medieval philosophy based on? It was based off of Scholasticism
What was the initial cause of the Crusades? The initial cause of the Crusades was that Pope Urban II wanted all Christians to fight a "holy war".
What was the political reason for the Crusades? Kings and the Church saw it as a chance to get rid of knight who were fighting each other and who were threatening the kingdom and the church's property.
What did Pope Boniface VIII attempt and what happened after? Pope Boniface VIII attempted to enforce papal authority on King Philip IV of France but it didn't work and in the end it ended the chance for popes to control the monarch.
What problem did the church and the College of Cardinals create? There were now three popes.
What was the bubonic plague? It was a deadly disease that killed millions and cause delcine.
How long did it take for the bubonic plague to reach every part of Europe? 4 years
What were symptoms of the bubonic plague? Swellings called buboes in the lymph nodes, extremely high fever, and purplish or black spots on the skin.
What did some historians consider to be the mark of the end of Europe's Middle ages? The Hundred Years' War
When did the Hundred Years' War end? 1453
In the 1800's who attacked Britain? The danish vikings?
Who manged to turn back the viking invaders? Alfred the Great, ad anglo-saxon King.
What two goal did English kings try to achieve? They wanted to hold and add to their lands and to strengthen their own power over the nobles and church.
What was the Magna Carta? It was a document drawn up by English nobles that gaurenteed basic political rights.
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