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ELA Eval. 12-20-16

Mr Lafferty

What will happen to the community once Jonas leaves? The memories will return to the community.
What is the Giver’s most treasured memory that he offers to Jonas? Music
What sad memory did the Giver give to Rosemary? Loneliness - Parent being separated from their child
What concept had Jonas learned from the memory of the fireplace, and presents, and family all together in a room? Love (Closeness)
What were Jonas’ friends playing that made him so upset? War
What memory became a reality at the end of the novel? Sledding
What memories (2) would the Giver have to give to Jonas to carry out the escape plan? 1.Strength 2.Courage
What memory does Jonas transfer to Gabriel as they travel? The memory of deep exhaustion
What memory does Jonas use to keep him and Gabe safe from the technology of the search planes? Snow
Who has the capacity to HEAR beyond? The Giver
Who is the Giver in ‘kahoots’ with to escape the community? Jonas
Who will escape the community? Jonas and Gabe
What is the name of the Receiver who failed? Fiona
What happened to the Receiver who failed? She applied for release and committed the act herself
How did Jonas react after he watched the release? He was upset and then acted out sarcastically
What will the Giver do after he helps the community heal after Jonas’ escape? Go “be with his daughter”
What happened to the twin infant? Who carried it out? It was released. Jonas’ father released him.
Who decides that identical twins would be too complicated? The Elders
Name 3 reasons why the Giver cannot escape the community with Jonas. 1. He is too old to make it 2. He must stay behind to help the community 3. He has to cover for Jonas while he escapes
Explain the concept of HEARING BEYOND: Hearing music
Describe the changes in the landscape that Jonas observes when he leaves the community. Hills, snow, and rain
What was the strongest fear that Jonas had during this part of the journey? Losing Gabe
What was the first lie that Jonas told his parents? That he understands not to say love.
What changed the Giver’s and Jonas’ plan to leave the community? Gabe was selected for release.
Why does Jonas stop taking his pills? They keep him from feeling emotions.
What happened to the community when the old Receiver was released? They were overwhelmed by the memories
What are 3 ways the terrain in Elsewhere is different from the community? 1.Hills 2.Snow 3.Rain
Define Foreshadowing locating clues to make predictions in the story.
Created by: 22repack
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