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2D Colonial America

All together now

What is the Magna Carta? English document limiting the power of the king
What was the purpose of New England town Meetings? These were a example of self-government in the colonies.
How did John Locke influence United States government? His ideas about the social contract made it possible for Americans to declare independence from Britain.
What do the Virginia House of Burgesses and the Mayflower Compact have in common? Both are examples of self-government in the colonies
What do the Rhode Island and Connecticut colonies have in common? Both were founded because people rejected Massachusetts' requirement that everyone practice the same religion.
Why is it important to understand how far England was from its colonies in the Americas? The distance in the 1700s made it almost impossible for Britain to control colonial governments.
In what area did good harbors, abundant forests, rocky soil and a short growing season influence the colonial economy? New England
What physical feature prevented colonial expansion to the west? Appalachian Mountains
How did the King of England attempt to manage conflict between American colonists and Native Americans? Proclamation of 1763
What types of documents would be considered primary sources of information about the colonial era? Journal entries by members of the Continental Congress; Letters sent by Abigail Adams to John Adams
What effect did triangular trade have on the numbers of slaves in the Americas? It increased the importation of slaves
How were goods most often transported during the colonial era? Rivers
Which factor most influenced the economic development of the colonial south? Warm and wet growing season
Which document was most directly influenced by John Locke's social contract theory? Declaration of Independence
How did geography influence the early economic development of New York, Boston and Charleston? Natural Harbors provided access to markets
Why did Catholics move to the Maryland colony in the seventeenth century? freedom to practice their religion
How did slavery contribute to southern economies? they provided the labor needed to produce cash crops
How were the Plymouth Colony (Massachusetts) and Jamestown different? Plymouth was founded for religious freedom and Jamestown was about making money.
What did the Quakers in Pennsylvania think about slavery? Quakers thought slavery was wrong; their religion taught that all people were equal
What is salutary neglect? The English king left the colonies alone as long as he was making money off them.
Created by: DuncanvilleYoung