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LA Hisrory Midterm

In addition to the Choctaw, what are the other three Native American groups in Louisiana recognized as sovereign nations by the U.S. government? Tunica-Biloxi, Coushatta, and Chitimacha
Which large body of water is located entirely within the Southeastern portion of Louisiana? Lake Pontchartrain
Which explains the scarcity of switch cane along the border of the Natural Levee? increased population
Which Native American migration is shown on the map? Paleo Indians
Why did Meso Indian groups begin to settle in Louisiana? Louisiana’s environment provided a wealth of biological and natural resources.
Which ethnic group introduced the accordion into Louisiana culture? Germans
Why was an extensive flood control system built along the banks of the Mississippi River? to protect the cities along the river’s course
The map shows information about Native American culture from which stage of Louisiana’s prehistory? Meso Indian
How did Louisiana’s environment affect the Meso Indian culture? Louisiana’s smaller game led to the development of the atatl, axes, and awls.
Which Frenchman is credited with providing some of the earliest written records of Louisiana’s native people? Le Page Du Pratz
How did the po’ boy get its name? supported the striking streetcar conductors
Which Native American group would have been most affected by Hernando de Soto’s exploration of Louisiana? Tunica
What is the main purpose of the Gulf Intercoastal Waterway? to provide a safe and continuous channel for small boats and ships engaged in trade and commerce
Which attribute of Paleo culture was a result of following the animals they hunted? temporary shelter
What conclusion can be drawn about Louisiana’s people based on information about hurricanes in Louisiana? Due to Louisiana’s location, its citizens must be prepared to deal with a hurricane at all times.
Which is an example of how the introduction of European trade goods affected the lives of Native Americans? Guns changed the way they hunted and fought among themselves.
According to information in the maps, in which geographic region did the Natchez tribe settle? Mississippi Floodplain
Why was it necessary for Hernando de Soto to be buried in this manner? to maintain Native American submission without conflict
Which explains why agriculture has become an important part of Louisiana’s economy? The subtropical climate provides farmers with a long growing season.
In the description of the 1734 move to the newly built convent, which aspect of culture still endures today? use of parades to celebrate important events, both religious and secular
What is the largest natural lake in Louisiana? Lake Pontchartrain
Which event would complete the timeline? moved west to Texas
Why are man-made levees needed for adequate flood control? Natural levees are only 10-15 feet high and cannot keep a river from flooding.
What term is used to describe the water in the Salt Marsh area? brackish
Which of the following completes the timeline? The first slaves were brought to Louisiana colony.
Which explains why American settlement of the Red River valley was delayed? The river was blocked in places and difficult to navigate.
Explain the difference between absolute location and relative location. Absolute location refers to a specific spot on planet Earth. Relative location explains where a place is in relation to another place or places.
What is the difference between weather and climate? Weather measures the current condition of the atmosphere on any given day. Climate is the average weather of an area over a long period of time.
What is the difference between alluvial soil and loess soil? Alluvial soil is made up of sediment carried by a river and deposited along the banks. It is fertile, Loess Soil is windblown dust that builts up and forms a ridge of bluffs as it approaches higher elevations.
Why would archaeologists be more likely to find artifacts from the Meso Era than the Paleo Era? People in the Meso Era were less nomadic and, thus, left more artifacts to be found. Often they were left in middens, ancient garbage dumps. People in the Meso era also left behind more pottery, tools, and jewelry.
Describe the major difference in diet between the Early and Late Neo Eras. The people of the Early Neo Era ate wild fruits and wild grains. They also hunted deer and birds and ate fish, shellfish, and oysters. The Late Neo people switched from gathering to agriculture. Their main crops were maize, beans, squash, and pumpkins.
Created by: LovelyyBRJ
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