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Social Studies


Define Natural Resources Anything from the natural environment that people use to meet their needs
Provide as many examples of renewable resources Plants, soil, sunlight, water (recyclable), animals, etc.
Provide as many examples of non-renewable resources Oil, natural gas, coal, minerals, etc.
Identify and describe how someone could use natural resources passively (without using them up or damaging them). Plant trees, hiking, biking, swimming
Identify and describe how someone could use natural resources aggressively (in a way which destroys the resource or prevents it from being used again.) Hunting, overfishing, setting forest fires, deforestation, air pollution, oil spills, building oil rigs, plastic waste, etc.
Describe three problems associated with the amount of trash that humans produce +Water pollution - some people throw trash in the ocean +Animals may mistake it for food and eat it and could possibly die +Most of the trash cannot decompose easily so it builds up in landfills (like plastic)
Describe two problems related to air pollution produced by humans +Health problems related to poor air quality +Pollution can cause global warming because when fossil fuels burn they release gas into the atmosphere
Are fossil fuels renewable or nonrenewable? Nonrenewable
Is Nuclear energy renewable or nonrenewable? Nonrenewable
Is solar energy renewable or nonrenewable? Renewable
Is geothermal energy renewable or nonrenewable? renewable
Is water renewable or nonrenewable? renewable
Is wind renewable or nonrenewable? Renewable
Define Sustainability The quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources
Why is it important to be sustainable in our choices and actions? If we do not stay sustainable, the planet will be gravely affected (animal populations, pollution, etc.)
define Reduce lowering the amount of waste produced
define Reuse To use something again
Define Recycle Transform an item into something new after already being used
Define Compost To use organic waste (food scraps, etc.) as fertilizer for food
What is conservation? The act of saving, reducing, or preserving natural resources for the future
Give two examples of how someone can conserve fresh water resources. +Take quicker showers +Turn off the water when you brush your teeth
Give two examples of how someone can conserve fossil fuels +Walk/bike instead of driving +Use alternative forms of energy
Do all countries have access to the same natural resources? Why or why not? No because natural resources are unevenly distributed throughout the Earth because of reasons like differing climates, proximity to water, population, landscape, or location.
What does it mean to “earn a living”? Get a career with the intention of making enough money to support yourself or your family
Define and provide examples for primary sector jobs Work directly with natural resources (Fisherman, farmer, etc.)
Define and provide examples for Secondary Sector Jobs Industries that use/process natural resources (Baker, chef, factory workers, etc.)
Define and provide examples for Tertiary Sector Jobs Provide a service (Cableman, fast food worker, doctor, taxi driver, etc.)
Define and provide examples for Quaternary Sector Jobs Deal directly with learning or information processing (Teachers, accountants, tour guide, government, scientists, marketing, etc.)
List and explain the factors on the Human Development Index (HDI) -- Standard of Living 1. Literacy Rate (comfortable) 2. Life Expectancy (healthy) 3. Per capita GDP (wealthy)
Define developed countries Countries that are fully equipped with a strong economy and usually have a higher standard of living
Define developing countries Poorer countries that depend on developed countries for natural resources or economic stability. May lack modern technology.
What are greenhouse gasses? Gases that allow the sun’s heat to enter the atmosphere. The gases get trapped there and cause global warming. These gases such as carbon dioxide and methane are released through the burning of fossil fuels.
List and explain 3 consequences (effects) of climate change around the world. +Drought +Ice caps are melting +Animals can become endangered because the changing climates affect them/their homes
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