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Leonidas at the Ther

History Quiz

Who was Leonidas? The son of one of the kings of Sparta
What did Leonidas do as a boy? As a boy he trained in the gymnasium and excelled at all manly sports.
What did Leonidas do as a man? He fought in the Spartan army
What happened to Leonidas after the death of his father and half-brother? Leonidas became king.
What happened eleven years after Leonidas became king? He led the Greek army against the Persians who were threatened the Greece for a second time.
How did the invasion of the Persian about? The defeat at Marathon had made Darius all the more determined to conquer the Greeks.
What happened to Darius after the defeat at Athens the first time? He died 4 years later.
Who came to the throne after Darius died? Xerxes, his son
What did Xerxes do after he became king? He decided to carry out his father's plans to launch another attack on Greece.
How may years did Xerxes spend collecting men, horses and ships? 4
How big was his army and fleet? The largest that the world had ever heard of
Where did Xerxes land forces meet? Sardis, a city in Asia Minor
Where did Xerxes land forces go? They marched to the shore of Hellespont
What was Hellespont? A narrow strait between Europe and Asia
What did Xerxes order his engineers to do? Make 2 bridges of boats across the strait for the passage of the army.
What happened to the bridge that Xerxes ordered his engineers to build? The bridges were not strong enough and storm detroyed them.
How did the Xerxes feel about the loss of his bridges? Angry
What did Xerxes order his soldiers to do after the loss of the bridges? Scourge the waters with 300 lashes and then throw a set of chains into it to teach the water that he was its master.
What happened after the bridges were destroyed? Two new bridges were built, stronger than the first.
What happened after the new bridges were built? Xerxes marched his army over to the European shore of Hellespont
How many were in Xerxes' fleet? 1,200 ships and 3,000 smaller vessls
What did Xerxes after crossing to Hellespont? He had a throne of marble built.
What did Xerxes do with the marble throne? He sat on it and reviewed his land forces along the shore and his ships sailing in the strait.
How long did it take the army to cross the bridges? 7 days and 7 nights
What did the land force do once it crossed the bridge? Made its way southward until it reached a high and almost impassable mountain range.
How narrow was the paint between the range and the sea? Only a single wagon had room to pass
What did the Greeks call the narrow part of the road? Thermopylae
What does Thermopylae mean? Gates of the Hot Springs because of the hot sulphur springs nearby
Where did the Persians intend to march? Through the pass of Thermopylae
Did the Persians march through the pass of Thermopylae? No. They were stopped by a Greek force commanded by Leonidas, King of Sparta
Who was Leonidas? King of Sparta
How many men did Leonidas have? 4,000
Where did Leonidas' men come from? 300 from Sparta, the rest came from several different states
Where did the Greeks take their stand? The narrowest part of the Pass
How long did the fighting between the Persians and Greeks go on? 2 days
How many men did the Greeks lose? Hardly a man
How many men did the Persians lose? They suffered great losses of men
How did the Persians win against Greece? A Greek traitor showed a band of Persians the path that led over the mountain which was poorly defended.
Could Leonidas have escaped? Yes, but he, along with 300 Spartans and 700 men from a little town called Thespia refused to leave.
How did one of the Spartans reply when someone said that the arrows of the Persians would come in such showers as to conceal the sun? So much the better; we shall fight in the shade
What did Leonidas do when he was penned in between two divisions of the Persian army? Instead of waiting to be attacked, he led his men forward against the Persiand.
What happened when Leonidas led his men against the Persians who were penning him in? The Greeks fought desperately, but they had no chance against such numbers and all but one man was slain.
What did the monument raised to the Spartans say? Stranger, tell the Spartans that we lie here in obedience to their commands.
What happened when Xerxes marched into Athens? It was deserted because all of the Athens had fled except one little band who held Acropolis.
What happened to the little band who held Acropolis? Thy hurled rocks upon the attacking Persians, but they all either hurled themselves down the rock slopes or were put to death.
What did the Persian army do to Athens? They plundered and burned Athens.
What did the Persian army do to the sacred olive tree? Burned it to the ground.
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