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The Miltiades

History Quiz

Who were Pisistratus sons? Hippias and Hipparchus
How did Hipparchus die? He was killed by his enemies
What happened to Hippias? The Athenians banded together and drove him out of the city
What did Hippias do after being driven out of Athens? He went to Asia and begged Darius to help him regain his power
Who was Darius? The king of Persia
What was Darius called? The Great King or simply "the King"
What were Persian heralds sent to Greece for? To demand from each a tribute of earth and water
What did the Greek states that refused do to the heralds? The Spartans threw the heralds into a well and told them, "There you will find both earth and water for your master."
What did Darius do when he heard of what happened to the heralds? Declared war.
How many men did Darius send to fight the Greeks? 150,000 - one hundred and fifty thousand men
How many men did the Athens of Greece have? 10,000
Who was the ablest of the Greek generals? Miltiades
What did Miltiades do to fight the Persian army? He charged upon the Persian army, broke their lines and drove them back to their ships in confusion.
How was news of the victory carried to Athens? By a wounded soldier who ran the 22 miles back to Athens crying, "Rejoice, rejoice! We are the victors?
What happened to the soldier that carried the news of the Athenian victory? He fell dead.
How did the loyal Athenians feel about the victory? They were delighted
How did the traitors in Athens feel about the victory? They were hoping to hear of a Persian victory.
What did the traitors of Athens do to try to help the Persians? They had gone to a mountain near Athens and with a polished shield had flashed a signal to the Persian fleet telling them to said to Athens and capture Athens before Miltiades returned from Marathon.
Did the traitors succeed? No. Miltiades saw the signal and rushed back to Athens. When the Persians saw Miltiades' army, they sailed back to the Aegean Sea.
Where did the Persian Army go after they lost the battle? Back to the Darius, The Great King, own dominions.
What did the battle of Marathon show? The Greeks were equal to any soldiers in the world. They had routed (defeated) an army of Persians 15 times as large as their own.
How many men did the Greeks lose? 192
How did the Greeks think they won the war against the Persians? Through the aid of their gods and their god-like hero, Theseus who was said to have fought in the thick of the battle and made terrible havoc among the Persians.
Who won great fame in Athens? Miltiades
How many ships did Miltiades ask to be placed at his command? 70
Was Miltiades request for ships granted? Yes
What did Miltiades do when he got his ships? Set said for the island of Paros.
Why did Miltiades go to Paros? The people of Paros helped the Persians and Miltiades wanted to punish them and to avenge himself upon a personal enemy.
Was Miltiades successful in punishing Paros? No. The siege was a complete failure. The town of Paros was not captured and Miltiades was forced to give up the siege and return to Athens
What happened to Miltiades in Paros? His thigh was injured when he was leaping over a fence.
What was Miltiades accused of when he returned to Athens? Deceiving the people and wasting the public money
What happened to Miltiades after he was accused? He was brought before his judges on a couch, being too weak to stand.
What was the decision of the court with Miltiades? It went against him and h was sentenced to pay a heavy fine.
What happened to Miltiades after the decision of the court. He did not have enough money to pay the fine. He died of his injury not long afterwards.
How did the Athenians feel after Miltiades died? They felt sorry that they had been so harsh.
What did the Athenians do after Miltiades died? They buried him with highest honors on the plain where his greatest victory was.
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