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Pisistratus the Tyra

History Quiz

When Solon came back from his travels who was trying to make himself master of Athens? Pisistratus
Pisistratus was: 1. Rich 2. Gave away a great deal of money 3. Showed himself friendly to the people
What were his gardens? Large and beautiful
What did the poor people of Athens believe would happen if people weren't buried properly? Their souls would have to wander a hundred years up and down the bank of the river Styx.
Why was Pisistratus made the idol of Athenians? His kindness
How did Pisistratus say that he got the wounds that he showed to the people? 1. He said that he got them when he was driving along the high road. 2. He said that he got the wounds because he spoke for the people
How did Pisistratus really get the wounds? He made them upon himself.
Did the people of Athens believe what he told them about getting his wounds? Yes
How did the people react to Pisistratus wounds? 1. They were angry 2. They proposed that 15 men armed with clubs should be paid by the state to guard Pisistratus
Who begged the people to vote against having armed guards for Pisistratus? Solon
Did Solon convince the people to vote against having armed guards for Pisistratus? No
What happened when Pisistratus got his armed guard? Pisistratus seized the Acropolis and made himself master of the city
What is the Acropolis? A high rocky hill which was the citadel of Athens
What happened when the people grew tired of Pisistratus? He had to leave Athens.
How did Pisistratus regain power? He played a trick on the people. A tall, beautiful girl rode into view beside his chariot. It was said that Athena herself was bringing Pisistratus back.
Was Pisistratus banished a second time? Yes
Did he recover power after he was banished a second time? Yes
How long after he recovered power the second time, did he hold sway over the city? Until the time of his death.
What did all of the states, except one, in Greece become in time? Republics
What city did not become a republic in Greece? Sparta
What was anyone who became a king of any of the states in Greece called? Tyrant
What was Pisistratus called? The Tyrant of Athens
What did Pisistratus do as The Tyrant of Athens? 1. He was strict, but not harsh 2. He put all of the lazy people who lounged around the market place all day to work.
What did Pisistratus do to help people get educated? He had a large collection of books and invited all persons, rich or poor to go to his library and read.
Were schools and public libraries in Athens? No
Why were there no books? Books were expensive because they had to be written by hand so few people could buy them.
What else did Pisistratus do to make the Greeks grateful? Pisistratus employed learned men to write down and make up the poem the Odyssey and the poem The Iliad
What was the poem of the Iliad about? The Trojan War
What was the poem The Odyssey about? The wanderings of Odysseus
How do people feel about Pisistratus? That Athens never had a better or wiser ruler
When did Pisistratus die? 527 BC
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