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ancient Rome

what year did mount vesuvius erupt? 79 A.D
what was the forum in Ancient Rome? the centre of the city
who were the poor people in ancient rome? Plebeians
what were insulae? the houses that poor people lived in
what were rich people called? Patricians
where did Patricians live? in a Domus or Villa
what were insulaes like? they were blocks of flats, usually over shops & had no central heating, toilets ar running water
what was the Vertiblum? the hallway
what was the atrium? the central room
what was the Tridinium? the dining room
what were the cubicula? the bedrooms
what were murals? wall paintings
what did men wear? men wore Tunics, long buttonless shirt and a toga
what id women wear? women wore a stole (long dress) and a palla (wrap around shall). Wealthy romans imported silk
what did boys do after the age of 12? Attended grammaticus, where they learned greek and roman literature, arithmetic and public speaking
what did girls do after the age of 12? they stayed at home to learn embroidery and prepare for marriage
what was the Dole in ancient Rome? free grain given to the poor
what was ientaculum? breakfast
what was lunch called? Prandium
what did the romans call diner? Cena
what food did the rich usually eat for dinner? chicken and fish
what was the thermopolia the takeaway often used by the poor
what was garum? a strong fish sauce, to cover the taste of gone-off food
what games did children play? ball games, timber dolls and spinning tops
why were the baths such a popular pastime? because you could meet friends and it was cheap to go there
what was the tepidarium? the warm room at the baths
what shape were theatres usually? semi-circular
what were the most popular type of plays? comedies and tragedies
where were horse races and chariot races held? in the circus maximus
what were the advantages and disadvantages to chariot racing? advantages were that slaves could earn there freedom and it was a social event. The Disadvantages were that there were lots of crashes and people were often killed
what was the colosseum ? an amphitheatre
who fought in the colosseum? the gladiators
what did a centurion do? someone in charge of 100 soldiers
who were the infantry? the foot soldiers
who were the artillery? the soldiers using heavy weapons
who was jupiter? the king of the gods
what happened at the religious temples? there were animal sacrifices
what language did the romans speak? Latin
Created by: mcraig2020