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Stack #239575

Independence and Its aftermath

Benito Juarez A liberal elite who was elected president in 1858. He promoted reformed laws: reduced the powers of the Roman Catholic Church and confiscated church property.
Why was Benito Juarez important to Mexican independence? He supported the masses, indians, Mestizos and the poor. He led a war of reform against the Roman Catholic Church and confisicated property of the church which started a bloody war.
Who is Napolean III? He is a leader of France that believed in order for France to have a successful Industrial Revolution they needed supplies from Mexico. He felt he needed to civilize the uncivilized. He wanted Mexico under French rule.
Who is Maximilian Von Hapsburg? He is from Austria but representing the French. He was made emporer and took most of the country. This started a civil war.
Who is Porfirio Diaz? A military leader who was president from 1876 to 1880 and then again in 1884 to 1911.
Why was Porfirio Diaz important? Major economic development: railroads, ports and telecommunications. He had an oppressived government that made peple unhappy. He increased the gap between rich and poor.
1910-1917 Revolution Started by Francisco Madero a liberal elite that was opposed to the idea of reelecting the president. Forced Diaz to resign and go into exile.
Institutional Revolutionary Party or PRI What political party ruled in Mexico from 1929-2000?
PEMEX A state run oil monoply that was the basis of the Mexican economy. It is one of the largest oil companies in the world today. Mexico is the third largest oil producer.
1994 Mexico joined NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) with Canada and the United States.
what are the living conditions like in Haiti? The Haitians have the lowest standard of living. They live up to 44 years old if they are healthy.
What are the two groups that live there? The elites and masses
Who is Francois Duvalier? This man is a Voodoo priest. He uses Black Voodoo on the Haitians.
Tonton Macoutes The king would tell these men to kill certain people who weren't doing what he wanted them to do.
Result of Benito Juarez's activities Infuriation of the wealthy conservative class and set off a bloody conflict known as the War of Reform (1858-1861).
War of Reform 1858-1861 Battle between Juarez and the conservative elites. Conservatives were trying to reclaim control of Mexico. Juarez was victorious, Mexico's treasury went broke.
Result of War of Reform France, ruled by Napolean III and major lender to Mexico saw this as an opportunity to invade and sent their navy to port in Mexico.
Result of Napolean III activities French troops sent into Mexico in 1863 with the goal of tunring Mexico into Catholic Empire; by 1866 France decided to pull out of Mexico.
Battle of Puebla (Spring, 1862) French joined by the Conservative Elites fought to take back control of Mexico from Juarez and teh Mexican Liberal Elites. Led to the Battle of Puebla. Won by Juarez
Result of Battle of Puebla Won in May 5, 1862 and the day has become known as Cinco de Mayo in celebration of the French retreating from Mexico.
Result of Maximilian von Hapsburg France left in 1866, Hapsburg stayed to rule til 1867. Juarez had him killed as a message to the rest of the world. Don't mess with Mexico.
Result of Porfirio Diaz Mexico underwent a period of major economic development. This lead to discontent and uprising in the revolution of 1910-1917.
Francisco Madero 1910-1917 Revolution started by him. He was a liberal elite who was opposed to the idea of re-electing a president.
Result of Madero Revolution Madero became president but his army chief Victoriano Huerta staged a coup in 1913 and killed him.
Result of PRI Remains in power for almost 70 years.
Felipe Calderon In 2006, Felipe Calderon a member of PAN, won the presidental election, he is Mexico's current president.
Hispanola Haiti occupies teh western third of the island of Hispanola: the Dominican Republic occupies the other two thirds.
Kreyol & Voodoo The masses, which are made up of former black slaves who speak Kreyol and practice voodoo as a religion
Mulattos The Elites, who are mulattos (people of African and European ancestory), speak French and are Roman Catholics
Noirisme The philosophy takes affect among the masses. Idea that Haitians are beautiful and should take pride in their color, culture, religion, and language.
Papa Doc Francois Duvalier- controled Haiti in 1957. Brutal dictator. Used black Voodoo to threaten to turn them into zombies. Used Tonton Macoutes to torture and kill people.
Result of Papa Doc Haitian Elites leave. 1971 Papa Doc dies but his son comes into power.
Baby Doc Jean Claude Duvalier- was 20 years old when he took over. He was uneducated but just as brutal as his father. Corruption and brutality only got worse under his rule.
Result of Baby Doc 1986 the Hatian people finally had enough. They began a riot and the Duvaliers are forced to flee Haiti. Duvalier went to France with all of Haiti's money.
War of 1898 Known as the Spanish American War. Spain lost control of Cuba and Puerto Rico.
Result of War of 1898 Puerto Rico became a common wealth of the US. Cuba remained independent in 1902.
Symbiotic Alliance an alliance where both countries benefited mutually from the relationship
Result of Symbiotic Alliance When Cuba became independent it formed an alliance with the US. Unfortunately, only the Cuban Elites benefited from this relationship. The Cuban peasants are miserable.
Fulgencio Batista Brutal leader of Cuba from 1934-1958. Powerful relationship with the US. The US supported his reign in Cuba.
Fidel Castro Headed a massive revolution in Cuba agains Batista. Castro's main goal was to break teh Symbiotic relationship with the US. He believed the Cuban people would never be free unless this happened.
Result of Batista Batista fled the country on New Year's eve taking all the countries money. Eventually the exiled in Spain
Result of Castro Leads a 3 step program to elimate symbiotic relationship with the US and Cuba.
January 1, 1959 The date that Castro's Revolution is successful; Castro takes control of Cuba
Bay of Pigs Invasion US was to support an invasion of Cuba.The exiled elites were to invade at the location "The Bay of Pigs". They were to go in and overthrow Castro. Things didn't go as planned. 1500 Cuban exile elites were killed.
Result of Bay of Pigs Led to the Cuban Missile Crisis
Cuban Missile Crisis This is the closest the world came to a nuclear war. Tension built over placement of missiles. Less than 100 miles off the US mainland the Soviets placed them there.
Result of Cuban Missile Crisis Soviets promised to remove the nuclear missiles from Cuba if the US promised not to invade Cuba anymore. The US promised to remove missiles in Turkey.
Mariel Boat Exodus Staretd with 6 angry Cubans looking for asylum in Peru. Castro tells all that aren't happy to get out. 10,000 Cubans leave for Peru. Eventually 125,000 people wanted to leave and come to the US. Jimmy Carter allowed them to come to the US.
Result of Mariel Boat Exodus Cubans are not easily assimilated into the US society. Carter is voted out and Reagan elected as president.
Created by: kimmiller