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Chapter 5


What were some causes that led to the Spanish American war? The brutality of Spanish tactics intensified American affection and sympathy for the rebels, congress agreed to block Cuba, the Yellow Press accused Spain leading to increased hostility.
What were some effects of the Spanish American war? The U.S. gained Puerto Rico and Guam and the Philippines was bought for $12 million, the Anti-Imperialist League was formed condemning imperialism as a crime, Cuba became a free nation.
What happened during the Spanish American war? The Spanish fleet was decimated after just 2 battles on May 1, 1898 in the Philippines. Spain was defeated in Cuba at Santiago. 3,000 Americans died during war.
What was the Open Door Policy? An American policy, designed by Sec. John Hay. it focused less on colonizing foreign nations and more on allowing the U.S. to trade within these nations.
What was the Spheres of Influence? Britain, France, Germany, and Russia created Chinese districts where they each had their own section with access to trade, ports, and the idea of "taking over".
What was the Big Stick Diplomacy? The idea of creating and using a strong military policy when needed to achieve America's goals.
Who implicated the Big Stick Diplomacy? President Theodore Roosevelt
What was the Dollar Diplomacy? It increased American investments in business and banks throughout Central America and the Caribbean by "substituting dollar for bullets".
Who enforced the Dollar Diplomacy? President William Toward Taft
What was the Moral Diplomacy? Stated that the U.S. wouldn't use force to assert influence in the world, but would promote human rights.
Who implicated the Moral Diplomacy? President Woodrow Wilson
What did Roosevelt's diplomacy aid in? Supported Panama during their rebellion against Colombia, and updated the Monroe Doctrine to state that the U.S. would keep the Western Hemisphere free from European intervention.
How did Taft's plan help in 1909-1912? It helped Nicaragua in forming a pro-American government.
What did WIlson's plan aid in? The U.S.'s intervention in the Dominican Republic and Mexico with soldier and sailors. It also helped Mexico defeat Huerta's government and bring Carranza to power.
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