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Fall ACP Review

Mountains, Oceans, Forests, Plains and Rivers in one state Geographic Diveristy
Document that freed Texas from Mexico and made Texas Indpendent Treaty of Velasco
A severe food shortage Famine
The belief that the United States should reach from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and down to the Rio Grande Manifest Destiny
Area where American immigrants mostly came from Southern States
Hero at San Jacinto - Tejano Juan Seguin
What Era? Cabeza de Vaca, Pineda, La Salle Age of Contact Era/Exploration
Advanced technology increases this Trade
Least populated Texas region Mountains and Basins
Gave cheap land to new settlers State Colonization Law of 1825
A person that represents another Delegate
1st ELECTED President of the Republic of Texas Sam Houston
Document that made Mexico think that Texas wanted to rebel Mier y Teran Report
A crop produced for profit Cash Crop
This makes sure the branches of government are equal Checks and Balances
Year the Texas Declaration was adopted 1836
Jury Duty, Voting, Freedom of Assembly Civic Responsibility
Missions and Presidios Types of Spanish Settlements
What Era? Mexican Independence, War, Anglo and Mexican settlements, Austin's Arrest Mexican National Era
What teepees are made out of Natural Resources
Brought over the "Old 300" Stephen F. Austin
Indian tribe that lived in teepees Comanches
To join another country Annexation
Wrote the Texas Declaration of Independence George Childress
Cash crop in the 1850's Cotton
1st Vice President of the Republic of Texas Lorenzo de Zavala
Meaning temporary Ad interim
Region that is most affected by trade Coastal Plains
A person of Mexican descent living in Texas Tejano
Mexican Constitution of 1824 merged the state Coahuila y Tejas
Name for Americans that came to Texas Anglos
Major cause of the Texas Revolution Austin's Arrest
What Era? Mexican American War, Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Annexation Early Statehood Era
Year the Alamo was founded 1718
Rally cry at San Jacinto "Remember the Alamo" "Remember Goliad"
1st Battle of the Texas Revolution Battle of Gonzales
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