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HHM Mid Term

Runners Achieve

This treaty transferred Louisiana from France to Spain Fontainebleau
The explorer responsible for finding the land which would become the Louisiana Colony was Lasalle
Who was the president of the United States when the Louisiana Purchase was made? Thomas Jefferson
Monthly amount of income remaining after deductions have been taken Net Monthly Income
Who was the Union commander who took control of New Orleans during the Civil War? General Butler
What treaty gave Americans free navigation of the Mississippi River? Pickney's Treaty
Who headed the Company of the West? John Law
What was the first European religion in Louisiana? Catholic
Which ethnic group contributed zydeco music to Louisiana culture? African Americans
Who was the leader of a group of smugglers who operated from a base along the Gulf Coast at Barataria Bay? Jean Lafitte
Who did the Spanish bring to Louisiana to create a Spanish presence and serve in the Spanish Army? Islenos
This treaty transferred Louisiana from the Spanish to the French San Ildefonso
Why did Napoleon sell Louisiana? slave rebellion, needed money for the war against Britain
The British did not like the Acadians because they would not take an oath of allegiance to the King
What was the Union strategy to win the Civil War? blockade of Southern ports, controlling the Mississippi River, capturing the Confederate capital city
A __________________________ is native southerner who supported the Republican Party during Reconstruction. Scalawag
What amendment abolished slavery? 13th
A _____________________ is a northern white who moved into the South after the Civil war. Carpetbagger
What amendment gave everyone, born or naturalized in the United States, citizenship, equal rights, and due process of law? 14th
What did the 15th amendment do? gave all men of any race the right to vote
True of False - All of Louisiana was included in the Emancipation Proclamation. False
What dos PYF stand for? Pay Yourself First
What did Black Codes do? Restrict the action and movements of freedmen
Under Radical Republicans Reconstruction, former Confederates could not ...... swear they had been loyal to the united states
Reconstruction means rebuilding
Taxes on items purchased Sales Tax
A group of jobs and industries related by skills or products is a Career Cluster
A social insurance program that extends health coverage to almost all Americans 65 or over Medicare
The Germans were brought to Louisiana by John Law
Created by: HHM Runners



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