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Mid-Term History

Why did the slaves brought into Louisiana after statehood have a different culture than those brought before statehood? The slaves after statehood were mostly English speaking and were from other states, not other countries
How has human interaction affected the Mississippi River? Flooding is more controlled my levees, dams, canols, and reservoirs.
Why is the blues often described as a link to the past? Blues is based on the chants of plantation slaves
What caused the death of nearly half the Native American population in Louisisana Disease
If it is 12:30 PM on Monday in Louisiana, what time is it in Eastern Australia? 4:30 AM Tuesday
If it is 10:00 AM in Louisiana, what time is it in Alaska? 7:00 AM
Which is an example of cultural diffusion? Vietnamese po’ boy
Who are the free people of color? African-Americans who were free during the time of slavery.
In what ways are Cajun music and Zydeco similar? Both use the accordion and are sung in French.
How did the Red River Valley get its name? The river carries rich red soil into Louisiana.
How did the introduction of the nutria affect the coastal region? Nutria eat marsh plants that hold the soil together.
Which tribe that was present when the French settled Louisiana no longer exists as a tribe. Natchez
Which explains why the Natchez chose to settle in the location that they did? The land was extremely fertile.
A friend says she will call you from her home in California at 9:00 PM, your time, at your home in Louisiana. What will be the local time for your friend when she calls? 11:00 PM
. If a person were in Florida, what would the time difference be from Louisiana? It would be one hour later in Florida.
Which ethnic group is associated with Oktoberfest? Germans
. In addition to the Choctaw, what are the other three Native American groups in Louisiana recognized as sovereign nations by the U.S. government? Tunica-Biloxi, Coushatta, and Chitimacha
Who is a Creole A descendant of gens de couleur libre who also has a shared French or Spanish background
How are cultural regions defined? shared ways of cooking, speaking, and worshipping
In the early 1900s what contributed to the expansion of New Orleans beyond the Natural Levee? More effective pumps were invented to drain swampland.
Which of the following completes the timeline? First acadians arrived in Louisiana.
Which region covers most of northern Louisiana? Hills.
Which region lies along Louisiana’s border with the Gulf of Mexico? Marsh.
Which large body of water is located entirely within the Southeastern portion of Louisiana? Lake Pontchartrain.
Which waterway defines the north eastern boundary between Louisiana and Mississippi? Mississippi River.
Which are ways culture is expressed? architecture, religious beliefs, and customs
Which explains the scarcity of switch cane along the border of the Natural Levee? Increased population.
Which Native American migration is shown on the map? Paleo Indians.
Which describes how Native Americans’ use of Louisiana’s land and resources changed from the Paleo to the Late Neo period? From hunting and gathering to agriculture.
What were the cash crops of the Plantation Country? Cotton and sugar
Why did Meso Indian groups begin to settle in Louisiana? Louisiana s environment provided a wealth of biological and natural resources
Which ethnic group introduced the accordion into Louisiana culture? Germans
Following the flood of 1927, what steps were taken to control the Mississippi’s yearly floods? The Army Corps of Engineers added dams, diversion canals, reservoirs, and other flood control structures to the existing levee system.
In which cultural region would this type of architecture be found? Greater New Orleans
Which modern sport was inspired by the Choctaw game toli? Lacrosse
Which two types of music combined to become rock and roll? Country music and blues.
Which conclusion can be drawn from the amount of money spent on lodging? Not everyone attending the festival lives locally.
What is the urban center of Plantation Country? Baton Rouge
What is an ethnic group? A group of people who share distinct cultural characteristics, such as language and customs
Which cultural region would have interested loggers and farmers? Sportsman’s Paradise because of its forests and rolling hills
. Why was an extensive flood control system built along the banks of the Mississippi River?
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