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History Final 10th


Olmec along the coast of Gulf of Mexico and collasped around 400 A.D.
Maya Peninsula between 250 A.D. and 900 A.D.
Aztec in Central Mexico
Incas in South America along the Andes Mountains
Dias rounded tip of Africa
Prince Henrey promoted this exploration
Vasco De Gama sailed to India
Pope Alexander established the Treaty of Tordesilles
Columbus found land
Missipians constructed pyramidal mound; present day Alabama
William Penn against war, slavery, and persons of power within the church
John Smith takes charge of Jamestown and forced those remaining to work for the colony
Metacom known as King Philip
Ponce de Leon explored Florida for Gold
Pope punished for his worship practice which was interpreted as witch craft
Coronado explored Southwest; Killed Aztecs
De la Salle claimed Missippi Valley for France
Champlain founded Quebec
Ben Franklin used extensive research
Washington led a militia group
Revere rode to warn colonial minutemen
Gage ordered 700 red coat regulars to march to Concord to seize weapons
Samuel Addams formed Sons of Liberty
Hancock seized the British
Paine created Common Sense
Howe success in Philidelphia
Burgoyne attempted to divide the colonies and New England
Gates surrounded Burgoyne at Saratoga
Robert Morris Superintendent of Finance
Von Steuben Prussian Military drillmaster
Lafayette 20 year old French aristocrat
Created by: Alisha B.