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GA Native Americans

Who lived in Georgia before the Europeans came to America? Native Americans
What were the 2 Native American groups that once lived in Georgia? Creek and Cherokee
Where did the Creek and Cherokee live that helped meet their basic needs? Where there were lots of natural resources such as trees, rivers, and rich soil
What two states did the Creek and Cherokee live? Georgia and South Carolina
Who was Sequoyah? A Cherokee Indian who developed a way of writing the Cherokee language
Creek and Cherokee lived in _________. Villages
Creek and Cherokee got most of the things they needed from the ___________ around them. Environment
What did the Creek and Cherokee do when when needed something they could get from their natural resources? They traded and bartered with the Europeans and other villages.
Creek and Cherokee had to leave their land because the _________ wanted it for themselves. Europeans
Creek and Cherokee were forced to walk on the _____ __ _____. Trail of Tears
What were some of the main crops that the Creek and Cherokee farmed? Beans, Corn, and Squash
What were some of the animals the Creek and Cherokee hunted for food? Deer, Rabbits, and Bison
In what types of homes did Georgia Native Americans live? Grass Houses and Wigwams
Creek and Cherokee began building ___ _______ like the Europeans. Log Cabins
The Europeans shared land with the Indians, but not for ____. Long
Creek and Cherokee were hunters, _________, and farmers. Fishermen
Created by: amfowler