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S.s. final sem. 1


Explain the significance of Francisco Vásquez de Coronado Went to search for treasure in Texas but lack of finding the treasure caused Spain to lose interest. However, he built the first Spanish settlement in New Mexico
What caused New Spain and the U.S. to have land right next to each other? Louisiana Purchase: The United States bought Louisiana from France
Which explorer mapped the coastline of Texas? Alonso Álvarez de Pineda
What was the main purpose of the missions? To convert Native Americans to Christianity
Why was East Texas significant in exploration? The location did not become important to the Spanish until the French began explorations there.
The Spanish used the missions to accomplish what three things? Convert Native Americans to the Catholic Religion, teach Native Americans farming/ranching, and the culture of the Spaniards
What was a main concern when establishing the missions? Would the Native Americans want to be converted to the Catholic Religion
What is significant about 1519? Alonso Álvarez de Pineda mapped the Texas Coast and the first settlement for Spain was developed by Cortez
What Native American group made houses out of adobe? Pueblos
What Native American group was nomadic? Plains
Describe where the different regions in Texas are located. Mountains and Basins: West Texas Great Plains: Panhandle of Texas Central Plains: Center of Texas Coastal Plains: Along the coast (right side) of Texas
What rivers are a part of the border of Texas? Rio Grande Red Sabine
Mountains in Texas can be found in what region? Mountains and basins
What are three reasons why European exploration occurred? Wealth, all water route, ability to sail farther
Why is San Antonio significant in Texas History? It's the location for the first civil government in Texas
The mission system was a strategy used to colonize Texas; however, it did have negative aspect. What was one downside to the missions being established? The Spanish brought diseases into Native American territory.
Where were most missions established in Texas? By Rivers
List three events that happened during the Spanish colonial era. 1. Mission System 2. Establishing New Spain 3. Exploration
San Antonio, El Paso, Laredo are examples of what type of influence? Spanish influence in names of cities in Texas
What negative events happened to Native Americans when the Europeans colonized Texas? Many lost lives due to diseases, they had their land taken away, and many were forced to learn the Spanish way of life
What are the major cities in Texas? Austin, Dallas and Houston is the largest
What are some geographic features found in Texas? Guadelupe Peak, Rio Grande, Chihauhan Desert
What are the major natural resources found in the Piney woods? Lumber and oil
What crop is popular in San Angelo? Cotton
Who is Roy Bedichek? a well-known author, he loved the outdoors, he also wrote the book, Adventures with a Texas Naturalist
Who is Walter Prescott Webb? He was on the faculty for the History Department at U.T. and is primarily significant for his book, The Great Plains
What is a significant resource in the Coastal Plains region? Petroleum
What type of industry is significant in the Great Plains Region? Cattle ranching
What region is the largest in Texas? Coastal plans
What is the significance of the Pecos River. It is a boundary in the Mountains and Basins Region
Describe the culture of El Paso Primarily Hispanic
Describe the different Native American groups in early Texas Caddo-primarily agricultural, corn is a major crop Jumano-served as middlemen between the Puebloan and Caddo Karankawa-hunting, fishing and gathering Puebloan-made houses out of adobe
What is the significance of Cabeza de Vaca? Explorer who landed in Galveston and traveled through southern Texas into North Mexico
Which explorer mapped out the Texas Coastline? Alonso Álvarez de Pineda
How is the climate in the Mountains and Basins region and how does this impact plants? Very dry and not much rain
What was the Battle of Medina? Rebels are defeated by Spain which leads to another 7 years of Spanish rule in Texas.
Who is Jose Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara? Formed the Revolutionary Army of the North.
What are two reasons Mexico wanted independence from Spain? 1.) Colonists were excluded from good jobs 2.) King was taking money from the churches
What was the significance of San Antonio being settled? It began Spanish colonial rule in Texas.
What were some Mexican methods of settlement? 1.) Must be catholic 2.) Good moral character
Who is Charles Francois Lallemand? French colonist who attempted to start a colony along the Trinity River.
What was the Plan de Iguala? Declared Mexican people would be united and equal
What is the treaty of Cordoba Ended Spanish rule
Texas and Coahuila were united after what event? Mexican Constitution of 1824
What document made settlers become permanent residents of Texas to receive land? 1825 Mexican Colonization Law.
How could settlers gain land after the State Colonization Law of 1825 took place Through an enpressarrio
Who was the individual that told Moses Austin that his request to colonize in Texas had been approved? Erasmo sequin
Who was the first man to gain permission from Spain to bring Anglo American settlers into Texas? Moses Austin
What year did Moses Austin get permission to settle families in Texas? 1821
What event doubled the size of the United States in 1803? Louisiana purchase
What country was the first to start the empresario system? Spain
What term is used for someone who had been granted permission to settle families in Texas under Spanish and Mexican rule? Empressario
What is a person called if they settle somewhere illegally? Filibuster
What was a part of Mexican methods of settlement Colonization Laws
Why was Martin de Leon's colony given preference over others He was a native Mexican
Who did Moses Austin meet with to gain permission for a settlement? Baron de Bastrop
How did Mexico attract settlers With cheap land
What were some problems Stephen F. Austins colony faced Drought, Native American raids, crop failures
What kind people were not encouraged to move to Texas? Gamblers and criminals
Significance of the battle of Gonzalez Started the Texas revolution
What happened at Goliad James Fannin and other Texas were captured
What is the goiliad massacre The Texans that were captured were killed
Significance of the battle of San Jacinto Texans were free
Texas presidents in order Houston, Lamar, Houston, Jones
Degrees in order Associate's, bachelor, doctorate
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