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Koch SS Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Lessons 1 & 2

To Measure areas and boundaries? Survey
A person or country that joins with another Allies
Formal Agreement Between Countries Treaty
The edge of a settled area Frontier
An official public announcement Proclamation
People that settle on land without paying for it Squatters
A place that is ruled from a distance Colonies
Which country showed interest in the Ohio Country first? French
What current states made up the region known as the Ohio County? Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Pennsylvania
What was the land called that Jacques Cartier explored? New France
What was Siuer de LaSalle's job in New France? To run a trading post
What did LaSalle name the river that he explored? LeBelle Riviere (Beautiful River)
What country established the 13 Colonies? British
What did Celeron do to stake claim on the land that he claimed for the French? Buried a lead plate
Who was supposed to be put in charge of the small British trading post near Pittsburg? George Washington
What did the French build along the eastern border of the Ohio Country? Forts
What was the name of the war for the Ohio Country? The French and Indian War
Who started it? French
Who were allies in the war and why? The French and Indians. They both wanted to keep the British from settling in the Ohio Country.
Why did the French want the land in the Ohio Country? To build trading posts
Why did the British want the land in the Ohio Country? To split up and sell the land to colonists
What was seen as the final defeat of the French in this war? When the British took over Quebec
Which paper ended the war? Treaty of Paris
What did the treaty give the British? All French land in North America
Why did Pontiac start the French and Indian war in 1763? He didn't accept British control over the Ohio Country
What was the outcome of the war by Pontiac? He and the French lost
What was the British plan to keep the peace with Native Americans? The proclamation said the colonists could not move west of the Appalachian mountains.
How did the Native Americans react to squatters? They were furious and started raids
What was Logan's Lament about? It was a cry of sorrow about the murder of his family by British colonists.
A document written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 explaining why the 13 colonies should be free of British rule. Declaration of Independence
The war fought by the American colonies to end British Rule American Revolution
A Shawnee leader who agreed to fight the colonists of the Northwest. Cornstalk
The only fort built in Ohio during the American Revolution. Fort Laurens
Someone, usually a soldier, who gathers information about the enemy scout
A skilled tracker and hunter who supplied food to the Ohioans in the winter, and was also a spy. Simon Kenton
An early squatter in the Ohio country, who also acted as a scout and spy. Ann Bailey
Led colonial soldiers through Ohio to attack the British in Illinois and Indiana George Rodgers Clark
Money people give to the government so that it can preform public services Taxes
A settlement where Europeans taught Native Americans Religion Mission
A village built by German settlers for Delaware, and taught Delaware that it was wrong to fight. Gnadenhutten
4 ways Ohio affected the American Revolution 1) Some Native Americans sided with the British 2) Ohio settlers built a fort and acted as guides during the war 3)Colonial soldiers killed people at Gnadenhutten 4) George Rogers Clark defeated the British in the NW
Created by: tmysewell