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Chapter 2 test

Social Studies Chapter 2

Thought he could reach India by sailing west Christopher Columbus
Defeated the Aztecs Hernan Cortez
Mapped out west coast of Africa, was caught in Cape of Storms Bartolomeu Diaz
First water route to India Vasco Da Gama
Searched for Fountain of Youth Juan Ponce De Leon
Broke away from the Catholic Church, did not believe in some of the practices. Martin Luther
First person to circum navigate the world Ferdinand Magellan
Aztec Ruler Montezuma
Defeated the Inca Francisco Pizarro
North and South America named in honor of his after he realized Columbus has not reached India, but two unexplored countries Amerigo Vespucci
Helped sailors navigate by showing star position Astrolabe
Point of land that sticks out into water Cape
To sail around the world Circumnavigate
Study of ancient greek and roman works classical
Helps sailors navigate by showing direction Compass
Nine expidentions by the Catholic churh to regain control of the HOly Lands from Muslim control Crusade
Muslim house of worship Mosque
Journey to a Holy Place Pilgrimage
Period of intelletual and artistic rebirth Renaissance
Use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes Technology
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