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Root Verbs - French

Verbs (French)

Present tense: ER e, es, e, ons, ez, ent
Present tense: IR is, is, it, issons, issez, issent
Present tense: RE s, s, _, ons, ez, ent
Past tense: ER, IR, RE aller/être + e, i, u
Future tense: ER, IR, RE ai, as, a, ons, ez, ont
Immediate future: Aller aller + infinitive (je vais, tu vas, il/elle va, nous allons, vous avez, ils/elles vont)
to sell vendre
to answer répondre
to give back rendre
to lose perdre
to bite mordre
to hear entendre
to relax détendre
to depend on dépendre
to wait for attendre
to grow old vieillir
to succeed réussir
to fill remplir
to slow down ralentir
to punish punir
to feed nourrir
to lose weight maigrir
to cure guérir
to gain weight grossir
to grow up grandir
to finish finir
to choose choisir
to build bâtir
to warn avertir
to welcome acceuillir
to fly voler
to visit (place) visiter
to use utiliser
to find trouver
to work travailler
to fall tomber
to ring (phone) téléphoner
to jump sauter
to dream rêver
to stay rester
to meet (by chance) rencontrer
to watch regarder
to refuse refuser
to lend prêter
to introduce présenter
to wear porter
to think penser
to talk parler
to forget oublier
to show montrer
to wash laver
to play jouer
to live habiter
to taste goûter
to keep/mind garder
to win/earn gagner
to close fermer
to study étudier
to remove enlever
to borrow emprunter
to listen to écouter
to give donner
to hate détester
to draw dessiner
to ask demander
to dance danser
to begin commencer
to sing chanter
to break casser
to chat bavarder
to bring apporter
to like aimer
to adore adorer
to smoke fumer
to burn brûler
to hide cacher
to look for chercher
to research
to send
to end
to begin
to pretend
to run
to arrest
to steal
to know (person)
to know (thing)
to remember
to forget
to pass
to fail
to bring
to give
to be able to
to do
to drink
to save
to cancel
to book
to order
to lie
to tell
to smell
to come
to go
to dance
to go out
to laugh
to mock
to advise
to hug
to recieve
to want
to use
to find
to call
to try
to learn
to study
to improve
to ask
to leave
to become
to run
to mean
to write
to sit
to stand
to stop
to continue
to cross
to wait
to change
to understand
to follow
to open
to close
to grow
to offer
Created by: astuunroulez