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N. propellers

props 14

what is the function of a propeller? the propeller blade creates thrust to pull or push an airplane through the air.
what is the difference between a fixed pitch prop and a controllable pitch prop? fixed pitch has a built in blade angle that only the manufacturer or an approved repair station can change. controllable pitch prop can be adjusted by the pilot, and is usually controlled by a governor.
how are some wooden propeller blades protected from wear and damage? by metal tipping fastened to the leading edge and tip.
what happens to the blade angle of a constant speed propeller during a constant power dive? the blade angle increases to prevent an overspeed.
what are the functions of a constant speed propeller governor? it boosts engine oil pressure before it enters the propeller hub, it senses rotational speed of the propeller, and then adjusts the oil flow to the propeller hub to change pitch and, therefore, speed of the propeller.
what is the purpose of propeller counterweights? centrifugal force acting on the counterweights causes the blade angle to increase.
what is meant when a propeller governor is in an "on-speed" condition? the governor is not accelerating or decelerating and the speeder spring and flyweight forces are in balance.
how is a constant speed feathering propeller feathered? by releasing oil pressure in the governor, moves prop into feather. can also be done manually by pilot by moving the prop control into the feathering detent.
what is an unfeathering accumulator? it is an oil accumulator used to provide oil pressure to unfeather a propeller.
what is alpha range and beta range and where are they found? alpha range- prop is in constant speed mode usually in flight. beta range- prop is operating in zero or minimum thrust usually on the ground.
what systems are commonly used for propeller ice control? fluid(alcohol) and electrical heat applied to the propeller blade root.
what propeller repairs can be performed by a certified mechanic with a powerplant rating? only minor repairs and minor alterations.
how are wooden propellers usually cleaned? with a brush or cloth and warm water with mild soap/
where would you find the correct method and technique for cleaning an aluminum propeller and hub? the propeller manufacturer's maintenance instructions.
what type of nondestructive testing should be accomplished to a propeller after blending? the procedures recommended by the manufacturer.
what are the two criteria used by many manufacturers to determine the amount of bend damage that can be repaired by cold bending of a aluminum propellers? the extent of the bend and its blade station location.
how can repair file marks be removed from an aluminum propeller? with very fine sandpaper.
when performing static balance on a two bladed propeller, what positions must the propeller be placed in when measurements are taken? vertical and horizontal positions.
what is a propeller protractor used for? it is used to measure propeller blade angle.
Created by: Justin84