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industrial revol.

why did cities grow in size migration from the countryside & immigration from Ireland to England
how did the agricultural revolution have an effect on the industrial revolution people moved because lack of jobs due to inventions like the mechanical reaper
why was there smoky towns because of the burning of coal to power the steam engines
who invented the Steam engine James Watt
what were slums dark, damp and cramped houses
what disease did dirty water cause Cholera
who was Edwin Chadwick He was the man who studied the living conditions in slums and made a link between bad living conditions and cholera/ T.B,
What was the Public Health Act cities and towns must install proper sewerage systems and supply clean water to its residents
name one effect that the invention of rail had on food the food was fresher because it could be transported easily
name 2 differences in diets between rich people and poor people rich people ate fish and meat poor people hardly ever ate meat. Rich people had tea and coffee, poor people didn't
why did the poor receive little or no education because they spent all their time working
what did Robert Owen and Lord Shaftesbury believe their employers should be educated
Created by: mcraig2020
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