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Nomads people who wandered for food.
Communist government Runned by a dictator.
Oligarchy Government runned by the few.
Monarchy Government runned by a king or queen.
Direct Democracy Government runned by the people.
Representative Democracy Government where people are represented by elected leaders.
Brazil's Escarpment
Tierra Fria
Tierra Templada
Tierra Caliente
Climates: give an example of each from the caribbean to south america.
Steppe Partly dry grasslands, mostly found on edges of deserts.
Tundra Rolling treeless plain in high latitude climates.
Savanna Broad grasslands in the Tropics with few trees.
Mediterranean weather pattern characterized by mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers.
Dominant Culture
New Granda Formation 1830
Absolute Location An Exact location.
Mixed economy
Market economy
Command economy
Great Lakes
Amazon River Source
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