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Kennedy Review

Kennedy Review US History II B

Kennedy attend what College? Harvard
Before becoming President Kennedy served as____ from Mass. Senator
Kennedy served in what branch of the military during World War II Navy
What was the name of the book he wrote Profiles in Courage
The first American in space Alan Shepard
The first American to orbit Earth John Glenn
Kennedy's famous quote Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country
The United States held Nuclear Missiles in this country Turkey
The 1960 election was historical because: One of the closest in American history. The winner won the popular vote by a slim margin of approximately 100,000 votes.
Kennedy created The Peace Corp.
Kennedy's domestic policy The New Frontier
Kennedy uses this to stop ships with military supplies from entering into Cuba Quarantine
Its mission is to explore space and aeronautics or flight research NASA
Cuban dictator who supported Communism Fidel Castro
Pro-American dictatorial President of Cuba Fulgencio Batista
The CIA used these people to help the invasion during the Bay of Pigs Cuban exiles
The following is one reason why the Bay of Pigs invasion did not work Backup paratroopers landed in the wrong place
Cuban Missile Crisis lasted how long 13 days
Who built the Berlin Wall The Soviets
The Bay of Pigs was an invasion of what country Cuba
The Berlin Wall separated what two governmental ideologies Communism and Democracy
Who killed John F. Kennedy Lee Harvey Oswald
Where did Lyndon B. Johnson take the oath of office aboard Air Force One
What led the United States to believe that there was nuclear missiles in Cuba Photographic evidence
An area that prevented East Germans from coming near the Berlin wall Dead man zone
How do Kennedy and Khrushchev communicate during the Cuban Missile Crisis Letters
Created by: Eagles5920
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