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Social studies final

What desert covers most of Africa The Sahara desert
What is the transition zone between desert and rainforest The Sahel
What land form has rolling grass lands and scatterd Trees The Savannah
Located in Africa what is the longest lake in the world Lake Tangynica
What desert is located in south africa Kalahara
Located in Africa what is the worlds longest river Nile River
What mountain range is located in northern africa Atlas mountains
What is the worlds largest lake in africa Lake Victoria
Which African river is located near the equater and in the rainforest The Congo River
Which river is the principle river in western africa The Niger River
What is a result of deforistation Climate change and desertification
What is desertification The process in which desert spreads
What is a cause of desertification deforistation
Most of Africas population lives were Northern Africa
The two main religious groups of Africa are Muslim and Bantu
Two examples of ethnic groups are Muslim and Jewish
Most African Languages can be traced too Bantu
A high literacy rate leads to a High GDP
The literacy rate of Africa is Low
This type of government has a loose aliance Confederacy
One leader holds complete power in this government Autocracy
Control lies with a small group of people Oligarcy
The legislature holds complete power in this government Parlimentary
Kenyas government is a Parlimentary
Sudan (north) has what kind of leader Dictator
Entrepreneurship is what A person who decides to take ricks to start there own buisness
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